Friday, February 5, 2010

Odd and Sod

So, several stories have caught my eye but I've been too busy to fully flesh them out. So enjoy or deride these bon mots:

The biblical quotes on the rifle scopes. Everyone in the military knows the Killers for Christ have been working to subvert and dominate the US military for decades. The most recent news that made it to Americans ears highlights the intolerant Inquisitors who prowl the Air Force intimidate and enforce fundamentalism on Americans. Why do these xhristian zealots subvert the military? Probably for something "silly" like pushing the US into the Middle East, say Iraq, for the purpose of destabilizing the region and causing a general war which will encompass Israel and signal the end times when a xhristian Zealot or muslim Wacko tries to detonate a nuke.

The Who Remnants are playing* the Super Bowl Halftime Show. While I adore The Who's music it's been 40 years since their albums dominated the music scene. It's time for new blood and 21st century musicians. It's not as if, Y.A Tittle and George Blanda are the quarterbacks...

Republicans hate Americans and every Corporation or Industry that doesn't work hand-in-hand with them. When President Obama saved American jobs and the US Automotive Industry, Republicans were outraged because Auto workers vote The Democratic Party since all Americans know Republicans would kill them for joy or work them to death if Conservatives had their druthers. Then when Toyotas started killing Americans Republicans created a Conspiracy Theory that President Obama was unfairly targeting Toyota despite the massive Toyota defects and automotive failures. If Republicans can't control you they want you dead.

Chicken Hawk Bigot Tom Tancredo goes out of his way to show Conservatism=Birtherism=Racism, by demanding "Literacy Tests" in order to vote, because after all if all of Them were as learned as Tancredo they would Support Tancredo for President! And here's Tancredo running away from Markos Moulitsas. Which makes sense since Tancredo ran away from military service when Vietnam could have used him.

Michele Bachmann is a despicable person who actively tries to incite the conservative rabble to violence. Her latest lie-a-thon includes this loaded language:
Dear Fellow Conservative,
Will you let Barack Obama KILL conservatism?
The only thing 'killing' conservatism is the Truth as more Americans became aware of the vast fraud that is conservatism which the Republicans have been perpetrating on the country.

And because of the ilk like Tancredo, Bachmann, Palin et al self identifying Republicans believe Barack Obama is a Kenyan Socialist who should be Impeached...

Disaffected and it Feels So Good: Toyota Republicans favorite Cars
Dump Michele Bachmann: Reeds Campaign Uses Michele Bachmann's ACU Fundraising Letter Against Bachmann

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