Wednesday, February 24, 2010

RINO Virus

That Dick Cheney is still alive is the BEST evidence that a Public Option needs to be available to the American People. Without access to Government supplied Health Care Dick Cheney would've been dead years ago.

Cheney is, of course, a fake Republican. The RINO Virus which plagues America today. He decries socialism but has spent 40 years of his life working for Government because he can't hold a real job. He's slandered Obama everyday since Cheney sulked out of office, yet asked for and received extended Secret Service protection from Obama. Dick is such an ardent socialist that one of his first actions as Vice President was to give Government job to his daughter Liz, so she could stop walking the street.

Another fake Republican, a particularly virulent strain of the RINO Virus, who is harming America is carried by Our Lady of Iquitarod Queen Mooseilini Sarah Palin. Palin, the multi-millionaire spent the majority of 2008 and 2009 attacking Government Health Care provisions has no problem with her grandson Tripp receiving Government sponsored Health Care.

Fortunately, The RINO Virus can have helpful premutations. Scott Brown won as a Republican but apparently has a real independent streak to him and won't simply vote the way the Redupelican Party demands. Brown voted to allow a vote on the 15 Billion Dollar "Jobs Bill", which passed the Senate 70-28.

Brown has now earned the Wrath of the Tea Baggers. But, what did the jobs bill contain? The major provision is a tax credit for small businesses which hire and retain new workers.

Conservative values are such that blatant lying is prized. And the only the only trait required for a Leadership Role is: Loyalty. If a member of the Right is loyal, they can reach high office despite gross incompetence and criminal negligence.

Or perhaps as Monica Goodling illustrates because of those traits:

This is why the Right loves Palin she's grossly incompetent, actively ignorant and violently stupid yet she is loyal. Palin will go out everyday and engage in the Slash-and-Burn politics of Conservatism decrying the Government yet she has like all Republicans used the Government to steal millions for herself while ensuring her owners can steal Trillions. Just like they did with her Big Daddy Dick Cheney.


Green Eagle said...

I have to disagree with you about Scott Brown. He knows he has to run for reelection in a very Democratic State, so he will vote with the Dems on a couple of small measures like this measly $15 billion jobs bill, so he can't be accused of being a knee jerk conservative. I want to predict that he will fall right in line with the other corrupt Republicans on everything that makes a real difference.

We'll see.

TomCat said...

Republicans have a history of painting their opponants with their own sins. They promote socialism for the rich only. The middle classes and poor are the ones stuck with "free" enterprise, and we pay through the nose for it.

Grung_e_Gene said...

GE and TC, you're both correct. Brown probably is playing the go liberal on the 15 billion jobs vote so he can go Obstructionist on all other votes.

And Redupelicans most definitely project their dark evils and personal beliefs onto others...