Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Teabaggers to be Subverted into the System; Resistance is Futile

We are the Republicans, you will be Assimilated. ~ The RepublicBorg Party

Like the Borg, the Republican Party has become a soulless automaton whose only purpose is to absorb more and more Americans and increase their power and control. Now, there is a revived spirit of anti-government rhetoric which the Republicans have set their laser eye beams upon.

The Tea Party is generally grounded in good ideas but the group(s) have been subverted from within and are now being assimilated from without, as the Resplendent RepublicBorg Queen Palin told them.

The Tea Party principle of less government spending is something I can support; halt the 750 Billion plus annually doled out to the Military and the Merchants of Death, stop the subsidizes to the Agri-Business Giants and the Oil Conglomerates, end the no-bid government contracts to Halliburton, and the Mercenaries at Xe (Blackwater), DynCorp, Triple Canopy, stop the Bank Bailouts. Fiscal Responsibility is something I can certainly agree with; the ending of Government's Role as Corporate Welfare Provider and Partner, the ceasing of the US policy of Subsidizing Losses and Privatizing Profits, all worthy goals. Government should be designed to help it's citizens not be controlled and used as a weapon of Oppression the way the Republicans (and Democrats) have usurped her.

But, the Republicans are Hypocrites. They only remember to wear their fiscal responsibility diapers when the Democrats are in office. When they control the Levers of Power Republicans shit upon Americans and Steal as much money as they can and often times Kill Americans just to watch them die.

But, even if a more responsible government was the goal of the Teabaggers, that's not what I or the rest of America saw. Immediately, the images and message coming from the Tea Party was 'Where is Obama's Birth certificate?' and vile racist attempts to undermine Obama by using round about and sometimes explicit bigoted imagery and language as a way to de-legitimize him.

Now I tend to believe agent provocateurs from the Republican Party infiltrated set the fire and worked to subvert the Tea Party from within as high profile Republicans have worked to assimilate the Tea Party from without. But, the end result will be absorption of the Teabaggers into the amorphous Karl Rove-esque blob like body of the Republican Party, which prides itself on being made up of Racists, Punks, Bullies, Chicken Hawks, Thieves and Murderers.

And no matter the Republican running, even Mark Kirk a decorated Naval Intelligence Officer who is hated and reviled by conservatives because he actually served in the military and deployed overseas, I can not bring myself to vote for a Party which has fooled me and the American people.

As a famous Republican Statesman stated, "Fool me once shame on... shame on you. Fool me, you can't get fooled again."

A Tea Bagger Warner Todd Huston, inadvertently told the truth about The Tea Party, "So, there you have it, America. Tea Party protesters just 'hate the government,' they are racists, they are all white folks, they are angry, and they associate with secretive white supremacist groups that want to over throw the U.S. government."

Ron Paul tells Rachel Maddow Tea Party infiltrated by NeoCons [Raw Story]
Jonathan Kay of Newsweek: Tea Party movement now dominated by conspiracists 'dangerously detached from reality' [Crooks and Liars]


MATT said...

Just to educate you...Blackwater/Xe, DynCorp, Triple Canopy, EODT, Aegis, Armor Group, Global Strategies, Four Horsemen, etc. are not winning no-bid contracts. Each Private Security Company is awarded their contract based on a formula that the contracting entities' office uses to determine the best company for the job. Certain factors like prior contract completion, overhead costs, cost increase requests, and track record go into making a decision.

And don't call them merchants of death. They are on a diplomatic mission. There are asshats everywhere that make stupid decisions and they are punished for them. Don't call the bunch spoiled because one apple is bad.

Grung_e_Gene said...

MATT, thanks but I'll pass on the false knowledge.Let's say you're Erik Prince. You give thousands in donations to Conservatives and Republicans. You are secretly in the employ of the CIA, you start a Merc Firm. I'm certain when your firm goes up against others for millions in contracts from the US Government dominated by Neo-Con Chicken Hawks, THE ONLY thing which factors in is if your guys are Mission Capable.

Now, the problem is the guys working for Xe et al are for the most part incredible operators for whom I have much respect but they doing so for a slightly higher pay than when they were in the military.

The Republican Scum know that by giving Blackwater Serfs slightly more benefits than the lower Serfs in the military they win their loyalty.

I certainly hope you give them as much credit and a pass when Obama employs them to pacify the rowdy Teabaggers especially since the highly violatile Baggers bring weapons to events and who knows if it was an ND by a fumbling Teabagger or an actual assassination attempt on President Obama which led to the termination of the Tea Party...

Oh that's Satire by the way, you mentally deficient person.

TRUTH 101 said...

You already know this Gene, but republicans only want government spending to slow while Democrats are in power so the economy suffers. But that won't keep these hypocritical sleazeballs from sticking a few earmarks in the budget for their own districts. Or blocking appointments for a 40 billion dollar project.

Green Eagle said...

I agree with you as usual, except where you say, "The Tea Party is generally grounded in good ideas but the group(s) have been subverted from within..."

In fact, the tea party movement is a creation of astroturf groups funded by Republican leaders and their usual corporate accomplices. It was never a real popular uprising and, though it is unlikely that the teabaggers will ever wake up to this fact, they have been nothing but dupes since the beginning.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Green Eagle,
you're probably correct. I was trying to give the Tea Bag Racists the benefit of the doubt, but it's part of my job as a Police Officer, I give even bigoted lying scumbags (like the Tea Baggers) the benefit of the doubt...

Jolly Roger said...

the Eagle is right. There is only one thing thast binds the many people calling themselves "teabaggers," and that one thing is racism. Their puppetmasters figured out how to organize them when they saw Frau Palin rile them up at Republiklan/Nazi rallies.

You can almost hear them now.... "they sure do hate Black people, don't they? I'll bet you we could use this bunch for some cover..."