Saturday, February 13, 2010

Republicans are Soviet Style Commies

I have surmised that Cmdr La Forge was conditioned by Redupelicans, a process referred to historically, and somewhat inaccurately, as brainwashing. ~ Data explains the Republican Party Platform, from Star Trek: TNG
The Right is engaged in a disengenious word disassocaition ploy. After Nixon sent the Republican Party into disarray by engaging in the typical behavior of a conservative, i.e. Crime, The Republicans decided to demonize the word Liberal and change the thinking about America by claiming America isn't a Democracy but a Constitutional Republic. You can also find any number of Political shows where Republican politicians childishly undermine Democracy by referring to The Democrat[sic] Party.

By equating Liberal and Democrat with everything evil and America with Republic(an), they hope to condition or brainwash the young post boomer generations into believing the Republican Party is America. And it's working somewhat as the Republican backed, owned and operated Tea Bag Parties had duped and deluded fools proclaiming Democrat=Nazi. Here's video of David (who lies and claims to be a Marine Corps Vet but is merely a Republican Agent Provocateur) bellowing the National Socialist Party is Leftist and Nancy Pelosi should look to the sleeve of her own arm to find a swastika.

The Republicans and their Corporate Masters have realized now, unlike 100 years ago when they could install pro-business politicians and merely employ the police, the Pinkertons and the military to kill Progressives and destroy Populist programs, they have to be more subtle and need to subvert and co-opt the Populist rhetoric and create faux populist quislings to undermine needed reforms to Health Care Insurance and Bank regulation.

So, the Republicans have undertaken a multi part strategy of: Appeals to Ignorance, False Righteousness and Racism to catch 10% of the American people and fool them into believing Republicans are moral regular guys with beat-up work trucks instead of the elitist ivy league, pate eating, immoral pederasts that all Republicans are; then the Republicans trot out a few thousand of these duped racist ignorant rabble for Fox News to cover and work to indenture themselves.

Of course, ignorant and outright liars who pen Conservative blogs stomp their feet and throw tantrums 'Wah! Waaaah! You evil Liberals call the Republicans names as well!!! Waaaaah!' Alinsky! Eleventy-Billion attended the Tea Rally March! and most lefties are stunned that an anonymous blogger would be equated the same power as Racist Limbaugh or Government Welfare Queen Michele Bachmann.

The lastest attacks have been by Glenn Beck who has told his millions of brain dead listeners that Barack Obama is a "white"-hating Muslim Socialist who employs Communists and wants to literally slaughter Americans after putting them into concentration camps.

But, trying to reason with the mentally disturbed and frothingly unbalanced cyber bullies is waste of time and a futile endeavor. So, every leftist should realize that when a Republican touts himself as a defender of the Republic, the Republic he truely identifies with and seek to embody is: The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Republicans are Soviet Style Commies who want to kill their fellow citizens, control the apparatus of production through government power and subjugate the world.

Republicans are Soviets. It's right their in their name...

But here's Video Evidence that Republicans are Marxists:


Anonymous said...

The video is priceless, G-e-G. It nicely sums up the "Just Say No!" strategy of the Republicans. Nancy Reagan should be proud -- finally somebody has fully embraced her idea.

Jolly Roger said...

Yes, indeed. I have been calling them Stalinists for years, as Stalinist fits their mindset much better than even "Soviet" does.

It is no accident that Chimpy and Crooked Lip fell all over themselves in praising that murderous Georgian dictator Saakashvili.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Jolly Roger, Stalinists fits for Republicans however instead of a sending an assassin armed with a hammer they send a blob with an EIB microphones for their hit jobs...