Thursday, February 22, 2024

From embryo to the grave, Republicans declare women their slaves

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Embryo Defense Force
In Vitro Fertilization is responsible for millions of American families.  With one ignorant and bigoted law Alabama Republicans declare their Christian God has spoken and the Corporate Media could not wait to hear what Trump supporters and psychotic anti-abortion lunatics have to say, as they continue their proscribed role of softening Republican perfidy and oppression.

“Each person, from the tiniest embryo to an elder nearing the end of his life, has incalculable value that deserves and is guaranteed legal protection,” Lila Rose, president and founder of Live Action said in a statement.

The story of this wrongful death lawsuit smells entirely fabricated, the person purposefully went into the clinic and opened a subzero cryogenic freezer, grabbed and "dropped" the test tubes containing fertilized ovum just happened to get in there and wasn't an employee but a "client/patient", but the aggrieved parents of the fertilized cells filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the clinic?  Bullshit.  I absolutely bet these people planned this.  And before you dismiss this as QAnon style conspiracy theory, remember the women who brought the gay website creator lawsuit which made it to the Unjust Supremacist Court hadn't be forced to make any gay websites.  The Republican Party has a long history of lying for Jesus in order to force their religious edicts into secular law.

And as proof this In Vitro Alabama Chief Justice is a bible thumping believer in the Seven Mountains Mandate which means god has empowered him to impose Christian Fascism on the rest of America and the world.  Republicans absolutely believe they have the power and the right to impose their burgeoning Theocracy onto the American people.  And before you go thinking Nikki Haley is a Sikh and a women so she doesn't hold these same beliefs, 

“Embryos, to me, are babies.  I mean, I had artificial insemination. That's how I had my son.”

Someone should ask Nikki Haley how many fertilized embryos Babies she destroyed in pursuit of her fertility treatments.

We now sit on the precipice of the end of the United States as a secular Democratic Republic.  It's absolutely up to white women if they want to further along their subjugation and shackle themselves as living incubators unable to move about the country freely and unable to make medical decisions for themselves.

How long until this fertilized embryos are fully human persons ruling leads to the argument that the ovum have a Right-to-Implantation due to their inherent Right-to-Life?  Again with everything we are dealing with, such a scenario will be dismissed as too fantastical by our bought and deceitful Corporate Media, then when the legislation is in discussion, the media will sagely assure people 'Don't worry this is unlikely to pass and anyway Republicans would never take that step because <insert reasons here>', until poof it's enacted into Law in Republican states and Republicans nationwide concoct a case to go before the Supreme Sinister Six and voila it's Law.

Again the Republican method of governance is simple and brutal;  1) they pass all the evil oppressive shit they can, then 2) they and their rightwing media allies demonize the shit out of Democrats and spread sensationalist racist and bigoted propaganda, [2A) the Corporate Media dutifully picks up the rightwing stories since it's news], 3) they rely on their White voters to carry them to power.

Republicans learned long ago they don't pay a price for the inhuman and inhumane laws they enact.  But, the hope, which is fortunately supported by several elections, is the destruction of Roe by the Unjust Supreme Court has cost Republicans and will mean their defeat in 2024.

So, I hope you are helping to defeat every Republican you can in the 2024 elections, because by 2025, if they're in power, Republicans will be rounding-up thousands of people.

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