Monday, February 26, 2024

The Corporate Media is ALL IN on getting Trump back into the White House

I've wondered why outside alternative media President Joe Biden gets no credit for both his progressive achievements and his statecraft on the world stage?  And, in reality, most leftist media decided years ago they hate Joe Biden and nothing he does will alter that conclusion.

But, disregarding his economic success, his establishment of the Untied States as a world leader, his pro-union successes, and his real effort to accomplish long sought progressive goals isn't enough, nope the Corporate Media has smeared Joe Biden relentlessly.

When a President is elected it's not just the Office of President and Vice President you are voting for, but the cabinet and numerous officials throughout the federal government.  It's no longer 2000, the internet should make all of this available but, the Corporate Media has decided they want Trump back in office and therefore they will do everything they can to help depress Democratic turnout, make liberals upset, and advance the rightwing agenda.  Remember it's not about stealing the election outright but, to make the margins close enough to swing a state or two and allow Republicans to steal another couple States by voting suppression. 

Impeach Brian Boru and CĂș Chulainn

This isn't just claims that Joe Biden is old and feeble and uses notes in meetings (NOTES!), a nothing slander which Jello-brained Trump was more than willing to use in his nightly fascist speeches.  And this isn't the Corporate Media dutifully amplifying Russia propaganda that Faux News and other rightwing media pump into the US. 

No, this is the coordinated effort to ignore and diminish the reality that Trump's brain is rapidly liquifying and changing him from a sundowning racist rightwing grandpa into a rabid ranting reactionary lunatic.  Trump's brain is nothing more than an Orange is the New Black pudding in his head who can't keep a train of thought while speaking, can't make a coherent sentence without referencing his previous grievances, and is vowing to exact revenge upon millions of Americans.

Bring back Irish Slavery - Faux News Chyron

But, don't worry Jonathan Turley is here to inform America that Joe Biden's ancestors are Irish and you can't trust the Irish!

This kind of "Inherited Criminality" is the entire crux of the Rightwing Migrant Crisis propaganda.  Immigrants are criminals and they pass their criminality down to their ancestors who also always Vote Democrat!  I didn't think Irish hoodlum slander would be trotted out as a reason to vote for Trump, but the rabid rightwing base will accept anything "race science" based as a reason to vote against Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

This might not be as troubling if these pieces of rightwing agitprop were confined to the finite right but, whatever conservative media reports the Mainstream Media decides to pick up and uncritically helps spread it.  We, the People are in a lot of trouble because Media pundits and Legacy Press are not going to accurately report anything about the two candidates for President.

This isn't some situation where the Corporate Media can wishcast upon Trump the idea he'll be a moderate, albeit buffoonish aggrandizing self-promoter.  Trump is a racist, a traitor, and an increasingly senile wannabe Fascist Dictator, who yearns to get his hands upon the Federal Government to steal Trillions while using the Police and Military and federal agencies to punish anyone who's ever made fun of him.  And 70,000,000+ million Americans yearn to give him that power.  And Trump isn't the most frightening part it's the outright Nazis like Stephen Miller and Mike Flynn who will get their bloody hands onto the apparatus of government and use it to round-up and liquidate millions of people.

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