Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Your choices in the Michigan Primary is: Uncommitted or Genocide Joe

The Majority Report Youtube comment analysis

It’s so tedious but, the Brogressive Left have found their reason not to vote for Joe Biden in 2024.  Israeli atrocities will be the wedge Republicans and Russia use to steal the 2024 election.

The Majority Report posted a video last night about 9pm Central Time, about President Biden's appearance on the Seth Meyers show and in the next two hours over 700+ bots descended upon it to smear President Biden as "Genocide Joe" or call him a War Criminal, as well as claiming Biden's brain is mush.  The bots also had to declare Ukrainian funding a crime because rightwing talking point, that money should be used here to help the homeless!

At least... I am hoping the comments were from bots because if they are from actual real human leftists in the United States, well we're in trouble.

The America Left is a quirky bunch but, despite their protestations Left America have never been an ally of the Democratic Party in advancing the progressive cause or implementing social democracy.  Never.  Instead the minuscule America left has consistently aligned with Republicans in attacking Democrats, especially Democratic Presidents Biden and Obama and candidates like Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigeg, Hillary Clinton.  Why? Who knows, but what is known is Leftists find some reason to vote against Democrats every time.

And I’m not talking about the Reactionary pretenders who garner a left following only to Stan outright fascists, Joe Rogan, Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss, Tim Poole, Liz & Matt Bruenig and so many others who easily dupe the Brogressives into adopting rightwing talking points and horseshoe themselves into supporting Trump.
We didn't support you before
And we won't support you again

Jill fucking Stein, who adoringly broke bread with criminals and thugs, Mike Flynn and Vladimir Putin, had the gall to claim Americans should vote against President Biden.  Stein is still basking in the glow of defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016 and then duping $7,000,000 out of the American Left to investigate the election.  She’s technically running again…

Back in 2020 the Rose Twitter decided by April to performatively declare they would not vote for Biden and since then Bidens record hasn’t budged them from their anti Democratic Party stance. 

It’s disappointing that Biden ending the drone strike program was met with silence from the antiwar left.  Even worse when Joe pulled the US out of Afghanistan causing the Corporate Media throw a tantrum Biden received scant support from the Left.  

Biden's continuing student loan forgiveness has not been met with rounds of applause from the Left but snide dismissal and petty complaints of it not being good enough.

Now is this because the American left is tiny, ineffective and detached from reality?  Or is it that so many Russian trolls, bots and rightwingers pretending to be leftists on-line in order to sow dissent, set the narrative?

So, in response to the brutal IDF bombing and terror campaign in Gaza, the comfortable cosplay Revolutionaries here sought to send "Genocide Joe" a message by getting Michigan to vote for Uncommitted instead of him.

DEARBORN, Mich. -- Leaders of Listen to Michigan, one of the groups behind the push to cast "uncommitted" votes in the state's Democratic primary to protest President Joe Biden's stance on the Israel-Hamas war, said on Wednesday that they felt victorious after their movement garnered more than 100,000 ballots.

"We organized and ... Michigan voters last night sent a clear message to President Biden that he needs to call for an immediate, permanent cease-fire and he needs to stop funding the Israeli military's war crimes. Our message has been clear," said Abbas Alawieh, the group's political strategist and spokesperson.

Listen to Michigan launched three weeks ago and organizers said on Wednesday that their "diverse" supporters went beyond Arab and Muslim Americans and those who disagree with Biden's views on Israel. It includes voters upset over student loans, rent and health care, they said.

The group also told reporters on Wednesday that they believe their movement is spreading across the country. They said advocates from Minnesota and Washington state have reached out, seeking support for similar efforts in their states.  Listen to Michigan plans on accepting, they said.

Alexa Garcia is one of the 20 Washington state volunteers who flew to Michigan over the weekend. Garcia spoke with ABC News at a polling location in Dearborn on Tuesday and said she was already weary of what she claimed were the Biden administration's broken promises.

The war in Gaza convinced her that Biden did not deserve her vote, she said.

"There's a lot of things that had me hesitant to vote for [Biden] again this November, but definitely this has sealed it. If he doesn't change his ways, I won't vote for him," she said.

I'm not going to call anyone in the American-Arab community dumb or short-sighted for trying to undercut Biden because Trump is a pudding-brained fascist wannabe.  Or insult Representative Rashida Tlaib, since as a Palestinian, the IDF, Likud fanatics, and Settler fascists in the West Bank actions direct harm her people.

But, claiming Biden has broken promises on healthcare and student loans are just outright lies.

Again I’m telling you if we are to avoid the Republican Dictatorship we’re going to have to do it ourselves. The guard rails which barely restrained Trump during his 1st term were knocked down fully on Jan6th.  And the Left in America, is so fucking angry that Trump is such an over-the-top buffoon now, because let's be real, the American Left voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020.  

I don’t ascribe to Doomerism but it would be so depressingly fitting that the illegal terrorist actions of the Israel government and war crimes of the IDF will provide just the right amount of voter suppression to allow the Fascist Republicans to "win" the Presidency the 3rd time in 25 years while getting fewer overall votes.

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