Thursday, January 28, 2010

Conservatives are Hypocrites (Watergate Jr)

Conservatives are Hypocrites. And I'm not just talking about their rampant deviant immoral sexual indiscretions but also when it comes to matters of Crime and National Defense - My Senator Dick Durbin points out Republicans are traitors.

Domestic Terrorist James O'Keefe's criminal trespassing under false pretenses and espionage by maliciously interfering with the communications system of a US Senator and member of Homeland Security have highlighted the absurdity of Conservative Justice. If the political labels were reversed and a Liberal was charged with the crimes O'Keefe committed Fox News would have non-stop coverage asking how far up into the Democratic Party this conspiracy reached and intimating this could lead to the impeachment of Obama.

But, because Conservatives hate the US Justice system and America. Fox and the Right Wing Extremists are downplaying O'Keefe's Terrorism as "pranks" and calling him and his 3 fellow Conservative Terrorist 24/25 year old accomplices Dai, Basel, and Flanagan, "kids".

Conservatives view themselves as above and beyond the normal rules of Justice, just as the view the idea that there are two truths, one for their ignorant vegetative followers to keep them docile and in-line and one for the Republican Elite. As such any and all actions they undertake are legal. IOKIYAR. Republicans and Conservatives believe there are two Rules of Law: Anything goes for them and the draconian iron fist needs to be applied to everyone else.

Guilt for a Conservative can only occur if there is evidence in incredible excess beyond a reasonable doubt. It must be an absolute metaphysical certainty and even then the conservative should receive a pardon.

For Liberals, Conservatives believe an allegation is enough to prove their guilt and Liberals can only be acquitted if they submit to Trial By Ordeal and even then the Liberal is probably still guilty.

Fox Republican Propaganda parrot Sean Hannity will be having a one-on-one interview with Domestic Terrorist James O'Keefe.

One of the Watergate Jr Domestic Terrorists Stan Dai has to overcompensate for a having a 'teeny' problem by writing MY PENIS IS ANGRY!!!!!!!

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