Friday, January 22, 2010

Yeah, Glenn Beck I know History

To the Polish government in London the British appeared singularly ungenerous towards their Allies. American politicians did not inform the Poles that they were putting pressure on the British not to enter into excessively binding agreements with the emigre governments. The Poles were allowed to assume that America was Poland's friend and supporters, whereas Britain was not. ~ Britain and Poland 1939-1943: The Betrayed Ally, Anita Prazmowska pg. 88-89.
As an American (of primarily Polish descent) I know something about the History of Nazism and Communism. Glenn Beck knows nothing of either. Or more correctly Glenn Beck knows nothing.

Beck's latest actively ignorant violently stupid crusade, with his chicken hawk, sunken chested, expansive midriff buddies Andrew Breitbart and Jonah Goldberg is to claim Hitler was a Progressive.

The Punk Ass Bitch Right's goal has always been to make their zombie-esque followers believe the Democrats are the Nazis and Soviets. They say it often enough. Not a bad plan when you realize the majority of the Americans who fervently listen to She Who Shall Not Be Named 1 and 2, Racist Limbaugh, Beck, Breitbart and Puffy Goldberg have never left home, have never served in the military, know nothing of real poverty and suffering and view liberals as more dangerous than terrorists because they were told so.

But, as most Americans don't know, Poland was left to it's own devices after the First World War and still defeated the Soviets, (The Miracle of the Vistula) when no government thought they had a chance against the Bolshevik tide.

During the Cold War Poland was never able to count on American help because McCarthy/Reagan rhetoric lumped them into the sphere of the Evil Empire. So, every American of Polish Descent knows America let the Poles languish during the entire Cold War. And of course, a drunk drug addict like Beck never shouldered a ruck during the Reagan years (Beck turned 18 in 1982) when war with the Soviet Union was an exceedingly slim but potential possibility.

But, now, from the safety of 20 years since the End of the USSR and a comfy producer's chair Beck is apoplectic on Communism. Real tough guy. But, dumb easily led Punk Ass Bitch conservatives like to believe they were responsible for the Destruction of the USSR by watching Red Dawn and Rambo III.

And so Liberals and Progressives will continue to be bombarded by inane buffoons declaring Nazis are Left because Socialist is in their "official" name, just like the Chicago Bears are actual Grizzlies because they have Bears in their team name.

Historians stand up to 'Liberal Fascism' and its abuse of history, while Beck blithely promotes it [Crooks and Liars]


Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

It amazes one to realize the extent to which this silly country is susceptible to such blatant propaganda as spewed forth on a Daily basis by FOX Noise.

These are the days of America’s ultimate doom. When a clueless thought Nazi like Glenn Beck is able to hijack America political conversation, it only proves beyond a wisp of a doubt that America has swallowed the fatal capsule of its own demise.

Seriously, did you ever, in your weirdest, stupidest fantasies think your country would fall as low as it has? It kinda makes you wonder.

Tom Degan

Grung_e_Gene said...

Fox is brilliant. Continue to tell stilted actively ignorant conservatives how awesome and free they are and they'll continue to vote themselves into Serfdom.