Friday, January 1, 2010

Republican Fire and Passion

"You're the same guy who wrote about me when I did have the fire. How it was the wrong thing to do. So Who You Crappin'?" ~ Mike Ditka to Terry Boers
Dan Bernstein of 670 The Score often decries the Meatballs Bears fans who call in and denounce Lovie Smith for his calm demeanor on the sidelines...

The Meatball Bears Fans demand Smith be more demonstrative and show what Bernstein has sardonically dubbed The Fire and The Passion whilst coaching Da Bears.

Because some Bears fans conflate unhinged emotional temper tantrums with good leadership.

Well, isn't it appropriate the Fetid Punk Ass Bitch Republicans wring their hands and demand Obama show more emotion when talking about the War on Terra and the Radicalized Islamists! Here's Ron Christie, VP Dick Handler, on the Chris Matthews show lamenting that President Obama is acting like Doctor Spock and not running around shooting guys in the face... (From the always excellent Crooks and Liars Video Page.)

Punk Ass Bitch Republicans are Meatballs, dumb twits who mistake emotion for reason. And who, in not using their higher brain functions, equate fearmongering and lying with good leadership.

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TRUTH 101 said...

I don't think much of Lovie as a head coach myself Gene. And sadly, for some reason the NFL thinks west central Illinois is Bear Country so I'm forced to watch Bears games while games with good teams are going on.

Too bad the ownership of the Bears can't get fired. The best quarterback they ever had since I can remember was McMahon. If he's the best and Tomczak is number two, or maybe tied with Bobby Douglas and Gary Huff, the team has problems.

I also think republicans are meatheads. Happy New Year Gene. Keep giving em hell Brother.