Monday, December 28, 2009

Revisionist Republicans are Evil Incarnate

The Republicans Party and it's zombie-esque hordes are the most ignorant evil people ever to infest the earth.

The Elites of the Republican Party (which is analogous to the most fetid nauseating feces of the pile) engage in blatant chicanery and out right hypocrisy.

The same week the odious noisome Mary Matalin declares Bush inherited the 9/11 Terrorist attacks, Fearmongering Republicans and their lying pond scum Fox News Analysts declare Obama is to blame for the failed Christmas Day Pants Bomber.

Because not only do the Republicans and their Birtherite minions hate Obama, they hate America and want Americans to die in Terrorist Attacks. Republicans will stop at nothing in their lying attacks on Obama including aiding Terrorists in making attacks on America because Republicans like Pete Hoekstra want Americans to die because it helps provide them with campaign literature.

The Republican Party Platform is simple to understand. Republican love Money and hate People. They want to regain control of the US Government so they can continue to use it's power to funnel Trillions into the Coffers of Corporations which produce naught but Death for Humanity and then receive their millions in political kickbacks when inhuman Republican Terrorists transition from Government to the "private" sector consulting those same Corporations they just used their political power to fund. For instance, Condi Rice and Stephen Hadley started a consulting firm, a nice cover to receive their payoffs for using their Federal Offices to push America into War.

Another facet of the Republican Plan to Destroy America is to browbeat their vegetative birtherite supporters into mouth foaming lather against social programs by invoking deficits and god. Despite the proven theory jesus hates Republicans, they accomplish this after running up massive multiple Trillions in deficits with war and while Republican Elites are taking federal funds, like The Welfare Queen Michele Bachmann whose family farm has received over a Quarter Million Dollars in Federal Farm Subsidies.

Billions for Republican Defense, Not one Cent for the poor!

And their mentally cowed minions have no idea "their" party views them as chattel whose only usefulness is too provide Republicans access to the levers of Government with which to supplant and destroy the US Constitution and instill an American Taliban Government that exists for the sole purpose of ensuring Trillions go to Corporate Communists and Millions go the the Republican Elite who hate America.

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TomCat said...

There is no depth to which the GOP refuses to sink.

Happy New Year to Gene and all here.