Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter and the Climate

Well, Winter has officially arrived in the Chicago-land area with the heavy wet snow dumped on us. That Earth's Climate changes with time is an incontestable fact, the point at issue is; Can man-made causes affect the Climate?

The Republicans led by Fox News and their Punk Ass Bitch Conservative base have finally played their trump card when it comes to the issue: Scientists are engaged in a massive conspiracy to foist the Hoax of Global Warming onto the world.

That is exactly what is being set forward with the stolen emails and the Sean Hannity led Fox News push to convince their followers that Scientists are engaged in the, "Biggest scientific fraud, I think, in our lifetime."

But, it's not merely man-made climate change, Sean Insannity is questioning. He like most Punk Ass Bitch Right Wing Conservative Terrorists hate science in general and while I think climate change is not a settled issue, I'm cognizant the same group of lying Teabaggers claim Evolution is a Giant Hoax and various other Scientists and Educators are engaged in a cross scientific discipline World-Wide Multi-Generational Conspiracy.

Republicans have for years been cultivating proudly ignorant members; Championed by Queen Semi-Mayor Sarah Hot and Palin who has turned Active Ignorance into her Crown and Scepter. And funded by Billionaires (Charles Koch and David Koch for instance) they spend millions to undercut education and ensure Americans reach adulthood ignorant and violently stupid.

The Right wants to divorce Americans from learning and understanding and make them dependent and pliable to the Control of the Anti-Human Anti-Science Right, which views the American people and the Planet as a giant reservoir of money for the Republican Elite to tap into and drain at their leisure.

Atheist Media Blog: BBC Newsnight Heated Debate Over "Climategate". Thank you Puffy Punk Ass Bitch Republican Marc Morano and the Fox led Birtherite Conservatives for continuing to make America look buffoonish to the World sans Bush...

Time: Has 'Climategate' Been Overblown? ~ By Bryan Walsh
The truth is that the e-mails, while unseemly, do little to change the overwhelming scientific consensus on the reality of man-made climate change.


Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Well, really... you do a good job describing the obvious in a form of intelli-rage that comes across fresh and to the point. I enjoyed reading you. Will read more often... :-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what a fucking idiot...chicago moron

ran said...

Intelli-rage...I like that. Probably the best way I've heard this blog described.

TRUTH 101 said...

Gene practices a form of controlled insanity the rest of us can only dream of copying.

On a side note, I have to take my nephew in McHenry fishing next year. Are the Fox Chain of Lakes any good Gene?

Anonymous said...

As always, the right-wingers miss the forest for the tree(s).

And Sarah Palin is advocating that we stick to "real science" in our approach to climate issues. As if she knew science. Poor thing.

We are neighbors, G-e-G -- I dunno what took me so long to notice (slow sometimes, what can I say). I'm up there, in that town with the big amusement park, which sorta sounds like your blogging name... :)

BTW, I think you should ban juvenile delinquents from commenting on your blog.

Grung_e_Gene said...


Naaaah! I love the adult delinquent conservative buffoons! As an officer I'm used to dealing with bullies and their puerile taunts...