Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Navy SEALs don't = Charlie Sheen but Chicago Ray = Chicken Hawk Ray

Often the Right wants to blame Obama for everything they can. It's an excellent form of attack because while more educated Republicans may understand the Birthers are insane they feel no compunctions in allowing them to spout their insanities because it helps get evil men like Dick Cheney and Karl Rove into power.

With President Obama being the C-in-C, a standard avenue of assault from Chicken Hawk Conservatives has been to attack him for not understanding the military. (While I could tangent off onto Conservatives quiet acquiescence of Bush's blatant disregard for military readiness and troop welfare throughout his tenure I will refrain).

So, the Punks on the Right have attacked Obama for decisions ranging from the tactical level, the Somali Pirate Standoff, to the Strategic National Policy level, the long term strategy for Afghanistan. Sometimes the Terrorist Punk Ass Bitch Right wants Obama to ignore the Generals and sometimes they don't...

In Afghanistan, Fox News often lead the charge with castigating Obama for not immediately giving General Stanely McChrystal, his requested amount of troops. The principle is simple. Now that a Democrat is in office the concept of Civilian control of the military is wrong and will result in the Terrorists winning.

The attacks on Obama based on misunderstanding of the Military and Chain of Command is an easy sell to the Right because the vast majority of the Punk Ass Bitches who comprise the Republican Party or are Conservatives are Chicken Hawk Cowards who've never served a day in the military even though Fox News declared the GWOT to be a more difficult fight than the struggle against the Nazis and Imperial Japan.

A recent incident in the GWOT has 3 Navy SEALs facing court-martial. The 3 are charged with allegedly assaulting Ahmed Hashim Abed, on 09/01/09 at Camp Schweidler in Iraq, and each declined NJP (Non-Judical Punishment) and requested Trial by Courts Martial, which is their right.

And in steps the misunderstanding of Chain-of-Command. Because the Right Wing Obama Hating Terrorists declare the Court Martial is the fault of President Obama and Liberals. Buffalo Grove, Illinois native Chicago Ray summed up his view on the charges brought up against 3 Navy SEALs in a post titled; Today's the first step in the liberal loon rape of the bravest and best America has to offer.

Personally, I don't believe the SEALs should be tried but their superior officers are duty bound to investigate the mater and it is upon their recommendation and investigation that the Trial is commencing. U.S. Special Operations Command Central brought the SEALs up on charges on 10/02/09.

Of course, violent idiots like Buffalo Grove Ray couldn't care less and see an opportunity to implant a meme in the minds of his like-minded violent blithering idiots on the Right. Obama and the Looney Left hate the Troops! Trying these men shows how much they love Terrorists and Hate Navy SEALs!

President Obama is now, most likely, aware of these Court Martial because of the publicity and well deserved support they have received but as C-in-C he will not be routinely advised of every NJP and/or Court Martial on-going in the Military.

I commented on Chicago Ray's blog but Ray decided to delete my comments and then respond to me thus:
Eugene, first off I'm a registered Independent ignorant FUCK

See any GOP shit on this site anywhere? That's because there isn't any.

Secondly...."Obama is a liberal. Obama is the commander-in-chief."........ Thanks Teresa

See how ignorant they can be Teresa? Can't even understand the damn headline. And if they didn't troll around without reading you would have read the last piece on this ripping Bush for the charges brought in Haditha... So don't bother commenting here unless you read, OK>

That's what happens when liberals speak and why I woulda just deleted it if you hadn't already smacked him around

Funny how the buck stopped with Bush if someone in the liberal movement had a damn UTI but not with the Messiah... He gets a pass for being half black.
Buffalo Grove Ray's first line makes me laugh. It's called an objection and it is a technique liars and bullies often employ. Ray states he is a registered independent, yet his profile reads he spent: "8 long years of fighting Bush Derangement Syndrome". Ray's a Republican and to close his argument against me Ray decides to bring "Race" into the matter, more on that later.

This Trial is wrong but it does not mean we scrap the Chain of Command, however it doesn't matter to totally not Republican Independent Chicago Ray. Ray is a typical member of the Right. Violently stupid, actively ignorant, a Punk Ass Bitch Bully and Chicken Hawk Coward. And getting back to Ray's oozing racism, sure enough, BG Ray was upset with Obama and Liberals for interfering with the Military Operations against the Somali Pirate (or Samolian Pirates in his parlance): ChicagoRay's blog provided this nugget;
They're all thinking their Muslim brother Barack Hussein Obama is gonna cut 'em all some slack, and the facts are he may just do that...
I must say this trial recalls Breaker Morant: Scapegoats of the Empire, which has been on my mind of late, due to the passing of British actor Edward Woodward. I hope that Obama breaks with Bush and does not allow members of the military to take the fall for the Government.

Over at Red Stick Ralph The Malcontent, there is a similar debate between me and some actively ignorant violently stupid Right Wing Terrorists.


TRUTH 101 said...

I think Chicago Ray came to my blog once to tell me liberals weren't welcome at his. He has nothing to say of value so his request was most unnecessary.

I saw a thing on Facebook where some dude is requesting donations to defend the Seals. It looked bogus as hell. I thought the Seals were appointed military lawyers.

These republican assholes come up with more shit to hide their duplicity than any other con artist in history.

The Malcontent said...

Gene said: "Often the Right wants to blame Obama for everything they can"

Hey why not Gene? He deserves it, It's the if the shoe fits thingy.

And guys like you should know ALL about the "Blame Game" you are the champs in playing that game.

And PLEEEASE. don't get me started on the Navy Seals thing...

I could go on about that forever and I will at another time, and another place... (mine)

And TruthLESS.. As for Chicago Ray, YOU couldn't polish his shoes! ASS-HOLE!

He did MORE for this Country than you with your Anti-America loud mouth and ever will.

When did YOU serve You little turd?

TRUTH 101 said...

As long as your tongues up Chicago rays ass you may as well keep it busy polishing his shos with also Mal.

The man is to big a pansy to face comments not to his liking and you think he's brave?

Serving Patriot said...

Hey Malcontent,

When did you serve?


Grung_e_Gene said...


Ralph asserts he served w/ the fabled 5th Marines most likely 02-06. And I believe him and applaud his bravery.

Amusingly, Ralph your latest post is a cornucopia of Right Wing histrionics.

None of them are true but they massage the egos of the your fellow Terrorists who are actively subverting the US...

Now... Chicago "Buffalo Grove" Ray hasn't done anything of note other than to produce a garish mess of a blog chock full of grotesqueries and jarring advertisements lacking any aesthetics and generally highlighting his inane buffooneries.

TomCat said...

Gene, they can be hard to take. How dod you spell I-D-I-O-T?