Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Terrorists (The Republican Party) Are Winning

Counterinsurgency has taught us how to lose wars while rationalizing these losses as victories. The following is a COIN Leadership exercise -- a mirror and a Class A uniform are required. This is self-administered and can be conducted at any pace.
[1] Dress up in Class A uniform with all applicable awards, tabs and decorations.
[2] Stand in front of mirror. Be at ease.
[3] Breathe deeply while placing one hand on the Soldier's Creed and one over the Ranger's Creed.
[4] Look earnestly in the mirror and reflect upon your glory while reciting:

"I am a soldier of the United States of America."
"I am a member of an Army that hasn't lost a battle since 1950, but hasn't won a war since 1945." - Ranger Against War
I read the excellent Ranger because of his insight and experience something completely lacking from the 5 Deferment Dick Cheney and our current President.

Our response to Terrorist attacks gives them weight. I'm not advocating a turn-the-other-cheek response but what did Dick Cheney do after the worst attack occurred while he was in charge; Dick Cheney and the Republicans destroyed America.

It was the culmination of the Republican Party Platform. Evil Republicans, like Idaho Republican Rex Rammell, have always hated America and have worked ceaselessly to undercut and destroy every program designed to help Americans grow and prosper; because to Republicans Americans are chattel with the sole purpose of providing them with access and control of the American Government. Once in charge they use the power of Government to enrich themselves, their families and their Corporate Masters, for whom they do they bidding.

However, a slight glitch occurred as the American people, despite the Fox News efforts, began to turn and vote out the Republicans in 2006 and 2008. Despite the Punk Ass Bitch Chicken Hawk Cowards bellicose rhetoric that the deaths of thousands of Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan were "worth it", Americans do not want to be sacrificed on the Altar of Republican Aggrandizement.
Frank Gaffney: "It is regrettable that they had to die, but I believe they did have to die."
However, the System (The Military Industrial Complex) rolls on, even with Obama as President and the Wars for Profit continued in Iraq and were expanded in Afghanistan.

But that isn't good enough for The Chicken Hawk Republicans. Those Punk Ass Bitches want and need to be in power actively murdering Americans for Money. Republicans love to see Americans die because it means they get campaign donations or lucrative jobs in the Defense Contractor or Defense Lobbying "industries". Industries which produce naught but Death and Destruction.

So, a one man operation has provided the REMFpublicans a chance to attack President Obama for being Weak on Terror. It being the Season of Joy and Peace and Forgiveness the Right Wing Extremists have embraced Hatred with Glee.

The Punk Ass Bitch Republican Party are actively aiding the Terrorists. Because they view them as another device to be used to win votes and regain power. And that's all they care about, they even say so publicly:
Allen Quist, a [Punk Ass Bitch] Republican who is seeking to defeat Rep. Tim Walz in southern Minnesota’s First Congressional District, told attendees of the Wabasha County Republicans Christmas Party in mid-December that beating the “radical” liberals in Washington, D.C., is a bigger battle than beating terrorism.
Republicans have one goal it's to regain the levers of power in Government, because what they do when in charge is use the power of Government to enrich themselves and kill people. That is the Republican Party Platform: Use Government to make themselves and their Corporate Masters Wealthy and Kill as many Americans as possible.


Sue said...

wow Gene, amazing post with lots to think about! Of course I believe what you say about the rethug party, but what do you see happening this year? Do you see dems holding on to the majority or turning their backs on our party because they are mad Obama isn't progressive enough? This post coincides with my latest post about voting and how we can't let rethugs come back this year. Can I have permission to copy a paragraph from this post and link you so my readers can come and read the whole thing?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Sure, Sue you flatter me. Hopefully, more people will become aware of the Republican Party Core Beliefs...

Sue said...

Thanks! I'll let you know when I post, probably by Friday!

Anonymous said...

As has been documented, all of The Won's statements and promises just like "It's Bush's Fault" come with an expiration date. We are past that date for transparency.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Soooo, it's not Bush's Fault? You are partially correct Anonymous Chicken Hawk. The Fault lies with the entire Punk Ass Bitch Republican Party and their zombie-esque supporters who whistled past the destruction Bush wrought upon the country.

No WMDs would be shameful enough, but throw in Katrina, 9/11 and you have the Worst Administration and Collection of Cowards ever in American History.

Of course, being an ardent evil right wing terrorist, you don't consider, the innocent Iraqis and Afghanis who died to matter.

Anonymous said...

...and the liberals are whining... Don't worry, they'd never draft you. Enough real men and women volunteer so people like you can can sit back and whine about how bad everything is because of the mean repugs.

As for the Ranger Against War, at least he's been there. I respect that.

And anti-war is not Anti-American. Rhetorically dancing with glee at every US setback is. Lear the difference, Junior...

Grung_e_Gene said...


What's that libertarian mantra about voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil???

How anyone could call them self libertarian and vote for a rabid warmongering party is an answer I can not question.

Just drop the pretense about disliking both parties and revel in supporting a Party of Immoral Hypocrites, Chicken Hawk Cowards and Liars who delight in seeing Americans dies

As your "Intellectual Ammo" Blog states:
Fight the Progressive Scourge!
This is a resource center for patriotic conservatives looking for ammo to combat liberalism.

Wallow in that love for Warmongers Man! Don't Hide from it!

And I don't understand your last paragraph nor am I worried about being drafted...

Anonymous said...

I am not a warmonger:

For the record, I did not think the Bush admin made a logical case for invading Iraq. The dems were cowards and caved, then stabbed our troops in the back at every turn after voting for the invasion.

"have worked ceaselessly to undercut and destroy every program designed to help Americans grow and prosper; because to Republicans Americans are chattel with the sole purpose of providing them with access and control of the American Government. Once in charge they use the power of Government to enrich themselves, their families and their Corporate Masters, for whom they do they bidding.'

Same can be said of Democrats. You just described our entire demican political class. If we were true to our constitution no one could hijack the feral government for their own enrichment.

I am a conservative with libertarian leanings, of course the repubs are closer to my way of thinking than dems, so that's the way I vote. I would expect someone with your political philosophy to vote dem. Big deal...

So yeah, Instead of voting for the bullet train to socialist hell, I voter for the jalopy that may have a chance of breaking down and delaying our demise.

It's my right as an American.

You should also realize that REMFs infest the entire political spectrum.

But I do admire your efforts to get into the Guinness Book of records for number of times "Punk assed bitch" is used in one blog post.

RealityZone said...

WOW ! !My friend Sue told me to come check you out.
Gaffney is one of the old hard core Neocons. As with most Neocons, very, very few ever served or saw the fog of war. The Neocons are saboteurs, and war profiteers. Nagl, another Neocon lately stated that we will need more troops for AF/PAK, and have to bring back the draft. He said the good thing is that this would bring down our unemployment rate. So you see Neocons have no shame, cridibility, or morals. They are null and void. And should be shunned from society.
PROBLEM----We now have the Neolibs in power. BEWARE OF Hillary the Shillary, she just might be Cheney in drag. And take us to depths that Cheney only dreamed of.

Sue said...

RZ, I knew I would come here and see your picture on Genes followers!

I will probably be posting this and linking to you tonight Gene!

TomCat said...

Gene, I just said the same thing in a comment on another blog, but I limited my response to Cheney. But you're right. Republicans do not care how many have to suffer and die to achieve their return to power.

A Returned Favor said...


Hypocrisy is a terrible vice. But, it part and parcel to the Democratic Party which prizes Possessions over People...
And by the way you and Sue make a wonderful pair.

Grung_e_Gene said...

A Returned Favor,

Please do Return when you have something original to post and not a plagiarism of my comments.