Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Weak Dollar and the Republican Recession

Every time he turned the wheel,
It was a dollar down and a dollar a week.
~ Woody Guthrie

In 2003 while liaising with ISAF assets along the Jalalabad Road, some Brits came over to talk with us. They asked me where I was from in the States, when I told them Chicago, they perked up and wanted to know what great things to do in the city. They explained the pound had incredible purchasing power against to the dollar.

Now why was the dollar losing power even back in 2003? Because the blatant and profligate thievery of Bush was sending our American Economic Power and Health into a death spiral, culminating in The 2007 Great Republican Recession, the chinese control of a Trillion in US Debt (all run up by Bush), Republican handouts to the Banking Industry and the removal of Billions of Dollars to semi-secret Swiss Bank Accounts for the Kleptocracy of America which supports Republicans and hates Americans.

It's all part of the criminal Republican Party Corporate Welfare Gang's plan to ceaselessly Privatize Profits and Subsidize Losses and their Socialist Pathology of funneling Trillions of Dollars to the Gang of Corporate Criminals.

So, the Piss Down Your Back and Tell You It's Raining Republican plan begun by WWII Chicken Hawk and Beirut Coward and Photo-op exploiter Ronald Reagan and continued by George Bush and his Master Dick Cheney to destroy the Middle Class almost succeeded. By deregulation, curbing and ignoring law enforcement powers of the government the Republicans nearly destroyed the US Middle Class.

However, the Punk Ass Bitches on the Right have taken it upon themselves to reframe truth for their followers. In this new Truth: 9/11 was inherited, the Iraq War was a rousing success, the economy never tanked until ACORN began receiving billions of dollars and Fannie and Freddie all-of-a-sudden began giving out millions to the unemployed to purchase Tear Down McMansions.

Typical Bullshit Republican Revisionism.

And the battered and cowed supporters of the Republican party, who desperately want to believe Republicans are moral upright christians, flag waving war heroes and fiscally responsible let themselves be played by the Immoral Deviants, Chicken Hawk Cowards and Socialist Kleptocrats which comprise the unscrupulous debauched Modern Republican Party.


TRUTH 101 said...

I worry that Obama will continue his futile attempts to reach out to these assholes in the name of bipartisanship Gene.

Grung_e_Gene said...

TRUTH you are so correct as usual.

And what's worse is the Punk Ass Bitch Republicans don't view Obama's efforts as noble but as a sign of weakness because all they want is the power to steal money and kill Americans.