Saturday, January 30, 2010

When The One Stood Against Many

"No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that The One stood against many. That's what's important!" ~ Adapted from the Masterpiece, Conan the Barbarian (1982).
And just like Conan, President Obama slaughtered them.

With poise, grace, wit, charm, forcefulness and truth, President Obama, like a Kensei, confronted the entire "elite" of the Republican Party one after another and without so much as a single 3"x 5" notecard dismantled their birtherite America hating talking points. It was a masterful display and one that most Liberals thought we would get from President Obama when we voted him in. Yes!

Obama single-handedly defeats the Republicans [MSNBC]

Disaffected and it Feels So Good: When One Stood Against Many

Additionally, President Obama's Total Victory is reminiscent of the opening scene of the first Blade movie, where Wesley Snipes stands amongst the entire blood soaked Den of Republicans and takes them out one by one.


Sue said...

Masterful, commanding, and PRICELESS!!!

Serving Patriot said...

Yes, but sadly, he is more than a year late in taking on the Conan mantle.

Imagine how 2009 might have been if this "new Obama" approach was adopted from the start.

While I liked what I saw yesterday, I remain convinced it was a one-off publicity stunt to tamp down the raging left-leaning populist anger rather than actually put the wingers in their place.

In other words, I don't think Obama's really "heard them all".


Sue said...

I don't think '09 was wasted. Obama had many good things accomplished, they just weren't talked about.

It was much more than a publicity stunt yesterday. It showed the presidents intelligence and command of the issues while showing the GOP for the lazy, whiny, cry babies they are, They seem to forget who is charge after all the years they had the White House. They are arrogant enough to even think Obama would put their agenda before his! Fuck them and forge on Mr. President!

Serving Patriot said...

Fuck them and forge on Mr. President!


But what GOOD THING was accomplished in 2009? Foreclosures are up. Some fewer are unemployed because of govt work, but un/underemployment is still at least 10% nationally and in some regions approaching Depression levels. States are defaulting across the country and the one-yr perk of stimulus only pushed back for a year (at best) the cuts to services, education, infrastructure, local/state governments will make to balance their budgets. More people are uninsured, more are on food stamps, more are angry (vice hopeful) about the country's direction/future.

Compared to what might have been?

No. The past year was a gigantic waste of political capital, time and most importantly, civic good will. And if yesterday was a political stunt, instead of a genuine laying down of the gauntlet, then we're in for more disappointment in 2010.


Sue said...

Blame Congress, not Obama. They are the obstructionists. Obama wants to use the payback money from the banks to put towards job creation, we will see what Congress does with that idea, just on example among many...

HC reform....blame Congress also

Serving Patriot said...


I blame them both.

But Obama is the guy with the mandate to lead the country. Not Congress.

Congress has only a mandate to help their individual districts. And to be reelected into the Congress Corportation ad infinitum.

"Paycheck money" from the banks?? That money is what's left of the hundreds of billions the US government GAVE THE BANKS when they teetered on the edge of insolvency. Was any money given to homeowners teetering on the edge of insolvency? Or mortgage relief? No.

HCR? If anyhting, that HAS gone as the WH wanted it. After all, they cut deals to protect and further enrich Big Pharma and Big Insurance way back in June... and with those deals, ended any chance of single-payer for all citizens. All the theatrics in Congress since are just that, acting.

Do you really believe that with even the slightest effort from the White House that Congress would stand against common sense, useful and citizen-friendly legislation? The same crew that so well orchestrated their election in 2008 is unable to move the ball forward at all, helpless with a 18vote majority in the Senate?

There's no doubt that a genuine "new Obama" as seen yesterday all over the gnews would have made mincemeat of minority opposition in 2009. But, that guy never showed up for the fight (except when it was a Wall Street or corporate interest at stake).


Grung_e_Gene said...


I think that's the problem. The President has through the course of American history gained too much power.

But, the real tragedy in American Politics is that as Jefferson, Madison and others foresaw. Large Moneyed interests have control. They control the elections, legislation debate and even how the debate is framed and carried out.

Obama isn't Progressive Superman but here's too hoping he can place a good shot or three across their bows and strike a blow for the majority of Americans not comprising the Kleptocracy.