Sunday, May 30, 2010

Liz It Up

That Evil Asshole Liz Cheney The Torturers' Daughter is at it again. Even with no job experience other than riding Dick into a Government Job, Fascist Fox News continually puts Liz on the air to lie and incite Sedition.

Liz had to lay low for a couple months when the Al Qaeda 7 Attack Ad she and Chicken Hawk Bill Kristol crafted backfired and got them flak from Iran-Contra Traitor Ted Olson (widowed husband of the ardent anti-Clinton Barbara Olson who was killed on 9/11), BJ Prosecutor Kenneth Star and 9 Bush Administration Legal Experts. But, it doesn't matter. Liz Cheney is part of the Team crafting a Conservative Narrative.

Liz's role is to Attack to foment discontent by lying about everything every time she is invited on air. Republicans and conservatives realized years ago that by making outrageous accusations against Liberals, even when those accusations were shown to be 100% false, which they most often were, the accusation itself carried political power. And that is how the idea came to create an Alternate Conservative Reality.

In this alternate reality Conservatives and Republicans are Heroes and not the liars, criminals, thieves, self hating homophobes, chicken hawks and murderers they in fact actually are. The alternate reality is a short hand in which 'Ditto Heads' can ignore history and believe fantasy.

Of course, Republicans and conservatives are not content with merely living in their own Oxycontin addled fantasy realm, they must drag down the rest of America as well. So conservatives take the long approach of doctoring textbooks to prove Newt Gingrich and Phyliss Schlafly birthed America after slaying the dinosaurs who had eaten the all the Indians and were trying to stop Adam and Eve from bringing the Constitution to Jesus in Washington DC which was built by happy young Africans only too willing to Come to America!

I'm posting this from Driftglass:

only Fox News would have the huevos to task Liz Cheney with leading the charge with statements like this:

"I think there are some things that clearly rise to the level of needing independent investigation."
And this:

"There is not an impeccable record of integrity there on the part of the former president."
And this:

"Clearly, you need somebody to come in and take a look at exactly what happened."
And this:

"There is a lot here that just smells funny."
And this:

"I want to know what the president knew."
And this:

"This is very reminiscent of the campaign finance scandals back in the mid-'90s when they were selling the Lincoln bedroom."
And this:

"I think the American people have a right to know here."
And this:

"Were any laws broken? Was an offer made?"

Yes, that's Liz-Spawn-of-Dick Cheney -- the degenerate daughter of the depraved, unrepentant and conspicuously uninvestigated, unindicted traitor and war criminal of a Vice President -- who is calling for independent investigators.

Liz-Spawn-of-Dick Cheney -- whose entire professional life is nothing but the poison fruit of her Daddy's bloody, treasonous career -- who insists that this all "smells funny".


Liberality said...

On the radio today I heard that maybe the conservatives won't have the phenomenal election year that they were hoping for. I hope that is certainly the case.

Grung_e_Gene said...

While Liz feels it's necessary to defend her war criminal father as Job 1, Job 1A is to convince enough Poor People to vote themselves into perpetual slavery to the Republican Party and their Kleptocratic Masters.