Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Freedom OF not FROM Religion

jesus christ protect me from your christians...
The christians in this nation do not believe in Freedom. They love to parse words and highlight, in ALL CAPS, it's Freedom OF Religion not Freedom FROM Religion.

What they really mean though is you have freedom to be christian, however only if your a white christian. The christian Bigots in this country are the Vanguard of the Punk Ass Bitch Republicans. The Right's Religious Bigots are the first to limit people's rights, the first to trample on the Constitution, the first to use the power of Government to restrict and oppress Americans.

And as America changes they are the first to cry I Want My Country Back!!!

Take a drive into the city (Chicago that is) other than on the Ike, Kennedy or Edens (along Roosevelt Ave for instance) and as you go you'll see a church or congregation on every corner. From the smallest meanest run down bible thumpers to the huge mega structures.

Christianity was long ago stolen from it's roots as a communal peaceful doctrine for the poor and subverted to the will of the powerful and the blood thirsty, christ long ago succumbed to Mars. For centuries it's been used to keep the poor from rising up and throwing off the chains of their oppressors and too coat the immorality of the powerful under a patina of righteousness.

That's exactly why the Republicans love christianity, it allows them revel in their debauchery, steal and murder without compunction while knowing as long as they hold aloft the cross and kill minorities the poor white christian males will succor and defend them.

North Carolina Politicians Seek to Unseat Councilman Because He's an Atheist


Anonymous said...

Wow. You belong on MSNBC...

Grung_e_Gene said...

No one will ever read this but at least I know it's here:

Tennessee State Legislator Andy Holt Republican- Dresden said, “I do believe in the freedom of religion, but I do not believe in the freedom from religion.”