Monday, November 20, 2023

Republicans hate America 9: Release thousands of hours of video of the Insurrection, proving January 6th was an Inside Job by Republicans

III Percent Fedsurrection, BOOM!
Senator Mike Lee of Utah, whose ancestor was a vile genocidal traitor, who yearns to put 9 year old children into coal mines, and has planned for 15 years to steal your Social Security released a gotcha video *proving* the Feds pulled off the January 6th attempted Coup d'etat.

In response to the Colorado Judge's ruling stating Traitor Trump was absolutely responsible for the Insurrection and attempted Autogolpe, leading to the invasion of the Capitol building by hordes of MAGA festooned criminals and rebels, Speaker Mike Johnson and the Republicans have tried to deflect by releasing roughly 40,000 hours of video captured on that fateful day when Republicans declared an End to the Democratic Republic. 

Because that is what happened that day;  Republicans failed in their effort to topple the duly elected President and Vice President of the Untied States; Joe Biden and Kamala Harris but they succeeded in delaying the process, invited domestic terrorists into Washington DC, and today still cling to the utter despicable lie that Trump somehow won the Election but it was Stolen.

What Trump, the Republicans in Congress, Steven Miller, Steve Bannon, and the other conspirators who orchestrated that criminal conspiracy against the United States hoped would happen was more violence.  They planned for a BLM counter-protest, which would absorb the regional police response, they held the other response forces at bay, they denied requests by Governors to send in National Guard units, they hoped the rapidly overwhelmed Capitol Police might begin shooting, they expected some members of the Police to fall in with the Insurrectionists, they expected Trump's Secret Service detail to have Mike Pence in their custody, they expected the official Electoral College ballots to go missing, they thought the proceedings would be "temporarily" halted.  If that day were bloodier and even more chaotic then Trump and his cadre of criminals would have invoked Marital Law and he would have stayed in power, the back-up plan would also have the Congress and Pence declare they don't know who won the election thus leaving it in limbo and Traitor Trump in power.

The Treasonous scum who aided and abetted that attempted Autogolpe are still in the Halls of Congress today and still trying to undermine President Biden, and the United States Government.

Clay Higgins, best known for his thin arms and crimes as a Police Officer, told Republican FBI director Christopher Wray he had the evidence and "Ghost Buses full of FBI agents and informants dressed as Trump supporters" did Jan6th.

Major Traitor Greene demanded new Speaker the Fascist Fundamentalist Mike Johnson conduct a New Jan6th Investigation, which will result in "ACCOUNTABILITY for ALL the lies, deceit, and lives ruined".  Greene doesn't care how many times her evil lies are shown to be evil lies because her audience isn't the American people; it's the MAGA criminals, and her goal isn't finding the Truth; her goal is to destroy the United States and enshrine Fascism.

Bigger than Mandela
Never forget conservatives hold the two diametrically opposed viewpoints about Jan6th in their head simultaneously;  the Rioters on Jan6th were all Antifa and Feds dressed to look like Trump supporters to discredit their lawful assembly and righteous #StoptheSteal, and everyone arrested, prosecuted, and incarcerated for actions on Jan6th is a political prisoner greater than those listed in The Rock.  

Why else would a rightwing provocateur Charlie Kirk delete his proud admission of sending "80+ buses full of patriots to DC to fight for this President."  Why else would Republicans ignore the communications between Supreme Court spouse Ginni Thomas and Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in December 2020 and January 2021?

Every time Republicans attempt to flog the specter of Jan6th they prove it was an Inside Job, orchestrated by Traitor Trump and the Republican Party.  Republicans will never face the truth about that day because it lays bare their entire hateful, viscous, evil political ideology and undercuts every lie they tell themselves, the media, and their supporters.  Republicans are Traitors who hate America and seek to destroy the United States and replace it with a Neo-Confederate Slave State held aloft by the twin pillars of White Supremacy and Christian Fascist Fundamentalism.


It should be noted that Trump wanted to lead the March on the Capitol and even though he was informed by the Secret Service multiple persons were armed, Trump stated matter-of-factly, 'They're not here to hurt me.' 

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