Saturday, November 25, 2023

Republicans hate America 12: Short Man Syndrome and Violence

Trump is more Pig Napoleon
"I still remember Napoleon.  He was a General.  He was a Beast too, but a true General.  Diabolical...  Unscrupulous...  Intelligent... Being his adversary taught me everything I know.  You see my dear Prince, experience is paramount."  - 

Friedrich Graf von Wrangel, from the Danish series (1864)

Looking forward to the latest Napoleon biopic, this one by acclaimed director Ridley Scott a well-known Francophile, and starring Joaquin Phoenix.  The "Napoleon Complex" was always referenced vis-a-vis the short man syndrome.  I suppose it was residual British propaganda and hatred for the little Corsican leaking into American discourse, in order to downplay and minimize Napoleon's military career and out-sized influence on the 19th century.

Because Napoleon Bonaparte was an average sized man, the influence he exerted on Europe and the Americans which lasted throughout the century, caused his detractors and enemies to be in awe of him.

Trump is physically not a small man.  He's well over 6 feet tall and well over 3 bills in weight.  His domination of the American political landscape is now in its' 8th year and he'll be the Republican nominee in 2024.  Trump's accomplishments are to have gotten away with being a business failure many times over held aloft by his criminal connections with the Mob early on and then Russian gangsters in the 1990s.  The depictions of Trump as some He-Man superhero and the bizarre cult of people who make such images represents one of the scary realities of his influence, Trump isn't anything special but he makes his cult fell special, he let's them be their worst selves, he encourages their worst desires, and they love and see in him what they want themselves to be.  Trump plays this up when he artfully declares They are not after me, they're after you...

The GOP Fash project, what they desire of themselves, upon him.  What the Corporate Media, purposefully, continues to ignore is Trump Supporters don't love him despite his vile vulgar crudeness but, because of it.

"We’re Christians, and we can look past that. It doesn’t bother me,” 59 year old Lori Carpenter said of Trump’s insults and crudeness. Her relative, 71-year-old Marsha Crouthamel, agreed. 
Carpenter added, “Joe’s gotta go, and the ho shouldn’t have been there in the first place.” The “ho” was Harris, she clarified, before offering another nickname for Harris that was even more vulgar.

No one wants to admit it the stark truth for a variety of reasons mainly because it would result in the terrible acknowledgement that the Left has been right FOR FIFTY FVCKING YEARS, the Corporate Media Horserace Coverage of Politics brought us here, their non-stop fawning fact-free coverage of Trump in 2015 and 2016 and their dismissal of Democratic warnings of Republican malfeasance and perfidy were prescient.  And they want him back.  Biden's low-key leadership is boring and his behind the scenes diplomacy doesn't send a tingle up the legs the way Trump's impromptu you never know what he'll say today.  The real frightening conclusion of Trump's last 8 years is like Napoleon, everyone is in Awe of Trump and the Media want him back in power because they love what he meant for them.  

But, amongst the rest of the Republican traitors, who view crudeness, phony strength, and fake toughness above actual ability and empathy, small man syndrome is real, as they are unable to emulate his Trump's Influence.

Somehow the section on Little Boots Ron DeShrimpus  got excised, obviously the fact that DeShrimpus is at best 5’8 and a half inches tall and needs to wear lifts in his faux cowboy boots is a symptom of short man syndrome but is dangerous to We, the People because he’s going to take out his rage at being small on Us.  The good news for  Little Boots Ron is while the more you see of him the less you like, there is that much to him.

James Comer, who's leading the Hunter Biden Dick Pic circus is a man as tall as his face is wide, and happens to be "guilty" of the same family loan/payback he claims is a dastardly impeachable crime by President Biden.

In Pilates, it's called the "short box"...
MarkWayne Mullin, is a faux tough guy who loves to play the "Do you wanna go?!?!?"  game with the Teamsters Leader Sean O'Brien.  MarkWayneMullinWayne claims to be a Biter and he'll bite someone anywhere and was especially incensed when Sean O'Brien shared a picture of WayneWayneMarkWayneMullinWayne standing on a box to appear taller behind a podium. WayneWayneWayneWayneWayne then had to be reminded by Bernie Sanders he's supposedly a United States Senator as well as a phony self-made businessman.

Clay Higgins, who is such a Dirty Cop, he's been stripped of his Badge twice claimed the FBI hired "Ghost Buses", because the truth that Republican multi-millionaires Ginni Thomas (no relation to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas) and Charlie Kirk boasted of hiring and filling hundreds of buses and planes with well-to-do Insurrectionists for January 6th can't be true; like say the Burberry encrusted man-children Christian Kulas and Mark Kulas Jr of Illinois Kulas Maids was totally a set-up or Iced Earth Guitarist Jon Schaffer  

George Santos has a baby, is it his baby? Well, who knows!  Is he really "George Santos"?  Well who knows, but Republicans sure loved to vote for him and would do so again.

Republican Tommy PotatoBrain continues to keep the top military promotions open so when Republicans throw their next Coup Attempt the military will be up for grabs!  Republicans saw that the military was not going to flow to their side during the Jan6th Coup Attempt and by decapitating multiple high level commands they are at least giving themselves a fighting chance to have a few military units join their side when Trump loses in 2024.

Meanwhile, Mike Johnson watches porn with his son, has no bank account, and stands athwart the Wall of Separation of Church and State shouting Halt!  Oh and all those freedoms and liberties you people think you have?  Well, Mike Johnson has some Good News for you!  All those bad laws (like birth control and interracial marriage) will be gone when Republicans take control of the Federal Government again;
“There’s been some really bad law made. They’ve made a mess of our jurisprudence in this country for the last several decades. And maybe some of that needs to be cleaned up.”

But, despite all their worst efforts and declarations none of the Little Napoleons, the pint-sized Putins in the Republican Party can engender the vitriolic fervor Trump arouses in his Cult,

Judge Arthur Engoron and his law clerk Allison Greenfield have been inundated with death threats and antisemitic attacks after Donald Trump targeted the judge and his assistant on social media. 
According to testimony given by Greenfield to Charles Hollon, a court officer-captain in the Department of Public Safety, the clerk “has been receiving approximately 20-30 calls per day to her personal cell phone and approximately 30-50 messages per day on combined sites of social media, Linkedln and two (2) personal email addresses.” 

Trump's first disastrous administration gave him experience.  The 2024 Election is going to come down to a budding Fascist Dictator showing signs of mental derangement from syphilis and vowing to round-up and eliminate millions of people and Joe Biden who is old and does boring statecraft.  The Corporate Media and 75 millions Americans are going to do everything they can legal and illegal to make sure Trump steals back into the White House and destroys the United States of America.


dervy scram said...

"His domination of the American political landscape is now in its' 8th year and he'll be the Republican nominee in 2024."

Biden beat him by 8 million votes in 2020. trump's "dominance" has been over almost as long as it actually existed.

It actually feels good to give Liberals and Dems their due. It feels like...victory

Grung_e_Gene said...

True and even with Israeli War Crimes in Gaza being foisted onto Joe, he’s going to get 7-10,000,000 more votes than Traitor Trump and yet the EC is maybe a few ratfvcking right wing voter suppression stones away from Trump’s grasp.