Friday, March 23, 2012

Illinois State Rep Joseph M. Lyons is super-mad his Rape Wand Bill isn't being fast tracked

Joe Lyons who proposed Illinois HB 4085 is demanding 5 Illinois Representatives withdraw their amendments and co-sponsor his Rape Wand Bill.

The Bill made it through the Illinois Agricultural Committee 11-2, but since then it has been saddled with 5 Amendments. Joe Lyons addressed the Illinois House and said of the amendments, “That’s what you call, ladies and gentlemen, a hostile amendment to kill a bill.” Lyons asked the lawmakers to withdraw their amendments and simply debate the bill in the full House.

Lyons' bill is euphemistically called the UltraSound Opportunity Act, which gives Doctors the glorius "Opportunity" to shove a transvaginal probe all up inside the dirty, dirty, ladyparts of sluts, errr abortion seekers.

Lyons, is a Democrat but he's also a devout Catholic, having attended DePaul University for his Bachleror's and Master's Degrees. However, the co-sponsors of his bill included 13 Republicans and only 4 Democrats and of the 19 only 3 are women.

This just goes beyond disgusting. Republicans joined by these zealous Democratic religious fanatics are imposing the power of Government onto Americans. Sadly, it appears the Doctors are going to have to bear the burden of resisting unjust laws because if there's one truism of conservatives it's that they love the power of Big Government when that power is used to oppress people and violate Americans' civil rights.

Fortunately, there very well may be a resistance by Physicans into being made the Tools of Right-Wing Oppressors. From the blog Whatever by John Scalzi comes this guest post by an Anonymous Doctor;
Fellow physicians, once again we are being used as tools to screw people over. This time, it’s the politicians who want to use us to implement their morally reprehensible legislation. They want to use our ultrasound machines to invade women’s bodies, and they want our hands to be at the controls. Coerced and invaded women, you have a problem with that? Blame us evil doctors. We are such deliciously silent scapegoats.

It is our responsibility, as always, to protect our patients from things that would harm them. Therefore, as physicians, it is our duty to refuse to perform a medical procedure that is not medically indicated. Any medical procedure. Whatever the pseudo-justification.
It’s time for a little old-fashioned civil disobedience.
This brave Doctor may be willing to do what the pseudo-Oathkeepers only claimed to aspire to, which is resist an unjust law which seeks to humiliate, shame, degrade, punish and reduce women to the status of second-class citizens devoid even of the basic right to control their own bodies.

Illinois Representatives think Women are Farm Animals [Disaffected and it Feels So Good]


Sarge said...

So? Will the zealots have the MDs burned at the stake as heritics? However, I agree - No MD should ever perform a procedure that is not medically necessary?

Great post!

You know, maybe it is the medical community that needs to speak up? And, the lawyers. Who pays for that mandatory pre-abortion wand thing anyway? Her, or We The People? I would assume her.
Lawyers? You paying attention?


toma said...

Yes, the medical community needs to speak up. More doctors have to tell the politicians the truth: these medical mandates are dangerous, unnecessary and amount to playing politics with the bodies of women.

Truth 101 said...

God forbid the self righteous, anti government assholes actually practice what they preach and allow women in circumstances that are none of our business to mind their own business.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Thanks everyone. While all the Forced Rape Wand Ultrasound bills should be grouped under the Republican Governor Bob McDonnell Memorial Rape Wand heading I'm aghast Illinois legislators jumped on board.

But, the fact that the Right-Wing are shamelessly declaring not allowing bills like these through is the true violation of religious liberty is just so galling I can only hope that enough women are paying attention to finally start voting out these Patriarchal bastards.