Saturday, March 10, 2012

Derek Bell and President Obama and... Kerry Wood

This Derek Bell/President Barack Obama connection gets worse every day. Over at Lawyers, Guns and Money I learned more about Derek Bell, with whom I only had a passing familiarity. But, there was one incident which still brings Derek Bell's name to our minds here in Chicago. This is further Video the Obama Liberal Machine did not want you to see:

This from 1998. Derek Bell striking out on purpose so Kerry Wood, A CHICAGO CUB-STYLE GANGSTER OBAMA CRONY could etch his name into the MLB record books.

This Barack Obama what a blight. It's bad enough he's brought his Kenyan, Anti-Colonial, Marxist, Socialism to the White House but to sully and influence the National Pastime? Why was this not vetted in 2008? This game is still talked about in Chicago today! Obviously, the Obama Chicago Media is keeping these revelations under wraps!

The fine conservatives at Moonbattery are really angry about Derrick Bell. But, as you can tell from this comment:
Forget Radical, he is a treasonous Communist- There isn’t even a word yet for what he is.

Nonetheless, the darkies, Libs, Media, academics, illiterati, crony capitalists, welfare cheats, Illegal Democrats, Radicals, Communists, anarchists, “environmentalists,” black nationalists, La Raza, Upper Eastside Jews, Hollywood and anyone else that would spit on the Constitution and regards anyone who works for their possessions with utter disdain and outright hatred – LOVE HIM.
This has nothing to do with Racism! Unless you're talking about Barack's reverse racism!

Obama corrupts America's Pastime (The Perfect Game) [Disaffected and it Feels So Good]


Sarge said...

What next? Obama's Kenyan father was in Dealy Plaza?


Grung_e_Gene said...

But Sarge the Hug! The Hug! It really got Sean Hannity excited!

Truth 101 said...

Texan Kerry Wood was in on this?