Friday, March 2, 2012

Repulsive Wretched Right-Wingers Regurgitate Racist Lies

What! Republican, racism? Or is it? What? Republican, racism...

Obama's a Muslim! Obama's a Terrorist! Obama's not a Natural Born Citizen! Forgery! Conspiracy! Kenyan! Marxist! Right-Wingers can go take a long walk out of a airborne C-130 sans parachute.

For a vast number of conservatives this always was about Race. You can dismiss those who claimed they were wringing their hands about the deficit and the budgets under President Obama, because that was the thinnest smoke-screen to cover for the Right-Wingers who are absolutely incensed they can not take to the airwaves and shout, 'Obama is a N***er!' everyday.

President Obama has reacted to the ever increasing attacks with aplomb and dignity. His charm and composure is merely one of the reasons Obama is light-years more Presidential than any Republican to hold office since Ike. Of course, his successful foreign policy and his ability to string together a coherent sentence also set him above every Republican currently infesting the Federal Government.

But, Elected officials, Republicans running for the Presiency, respected religious "authorities", from the top down to the lowliest member of the Modern Conservative Movement the Right is chock full of filth and garbage.

Birtherism will never die because it was treading on well-worn fields of conservative bigotry. Last month saw a ballot challenge filed by Gordon Epperly in Alaska. Please read the excellent write-up over at Obama Conspiracy Theories. The challenge asserts,
As Barack Hussein Obama is of the “Mulatto” race, his status of citizenship is founded upon the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Before the [purported] ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment, the race of “Negro” or “Mulatto” had no standing to be citizens of the United States under the United States Constitution.
Chief US District Judge, Richard Cebull, in Montana forwarded a racist joke attacking Barack Obama’s mother, in which the punch-line is she fucked a dog, namely the President's father. The judge defended himself by saying that he never intended that the email be made public. Conscience is what we do when we don't think other people will know about it.

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio revealed his decades of experience in document forgery and his Cold Case Posse's work has resulted in the preliminary conclusion that President Obama's Birth Certificate and his 1980 Selective Service Card are Forgeries.

In between, his totalitarian declarations on woman's rights, Sick Rantorum spent the whole President's Day weekend rallying the Reactionary Rapture Ready Right-Wingers as he spewed forth his bile by declaring Obama believes in a "phony theology". Oddly, Santorum's press secretary referred to President Obama's "Radical Islamic policies" when talking about her perception of the President's environmental policies.

Franklin Graham, the Dominionist Christian, told his zombie followers he doesn't know if Obama is a christian. Because Graham has a direct connection to the lord almighty and his powers of mind-reading are a gift from god he knows! He knows!

The Right-Wingers in this nation need to be shunned and exported a mental leper colony.

The Right offers up nothing but, lies, bigotry, evil, flith, bile, packaged with the sole purpose of dividing the American people. Republicans are disrespectful uncouth louts, there is not one shred of dignity or decency in the entire party. The Elitist leadership of the Right cares nothing for 99% of the American Public other than getting enough conservative dupes to vote for a Party comprised of liars and bigots.

Every single Republican needs to be removed from office.


Sarge said...

The post is good: But, understand how this overt racism against the President works - While you will never openly hear of the word "nigger" spoken in Congress, there is clear evidence of every effort being made by the GOP to make this first black president
a one termer. Face it, the Republican party has never gotten over the fact that after winning two elections that they got beaten so fucking bad by a black man.
Now, some will say that race isn't a factor and this is just partisan politics at its worse.
I ask you, are you gullible enough to accept that?


toma said...

I wait in ecstatic anticipation of the minute Sheriff Joe releases his wingnut 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion (Utah)." I can scarcely imagine how all the pixel maps and blemish blow-ups will prove Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hooptyville, Kenya, on February 30th, Genevieve SheBlanco.