Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flush Rush because Conservatives are shit (Updated With Palin)

"It's not what I am underneath but what I do that defines me..." For Rush Limbaugh it's both underneath that shitty exterior is more conservative shit. He's just shit all the way through.
Limpballs just can't stop himself. Even today Limpy went back on the offensive as he vented his impotent sexist anger at "all these young, single, white women. Overeducated doesn’t mean intelligent."

It's partially because of inertia, a property of matter, which means once Limpy gets his disgustingly ponderous girth moving he can't stop himself. But, it is mainly because Limpballs is an oppressive racist, misynogist fat sack of filth. What he says is what he is and what Racist Limpballs is, is shit. All you do with shit is flush it. Flush Rush.

The number of Companies which have abandoned R. Limpballs has risen to 33. AmericaBlog has a running list of those who have Flushed Rush and those who are holding onto this shit.

But, it's not enough just to demand companies stop advertising on his program. Companies must be made aware that they can never go back to Limpballs Radio Show. It's a lifetime ban.

Once we Flush Rush it must be clear that no one can ever go back to him without sinking down into the sewer and being covered in the same metaphorical shit as Limbaugh if they dare try to fish him out.

Conservatives are shit. Absolute shit. You tell what conservative values are by who is standing up for Rush Limpballs.

Brent the Bigot Bozell, issued a statement asking people,
I stand with Rush Limbaugh and appreciate the massive contribution that he has made to the conservative movement and our nation over the last 25 years. I condemn attempts by radical left-wing organizations and the media to censor Rush and his commonsense conservative message.
Just recall the last time we heard from Bozell, that conservative piece of shit was calling President Obama - "a skinny ghetto, crackhead".

So, if you want to stand with a spineless sack full of right-wing crap and his bearded bigoted Bozo Bozell the Power of the Free Market will stain you with the shit you associate.

Sarah Palin is baaaaaack! Palin took time to bellow the whine of the Conservative. Criticizing Rush Limpballs is violating his 1st Amendment Rights! Ha! I called it!


Anonymous said...

I just canceled my Allstate Policy after 30 years. The White House is behind this boycott but the millions of Rush fans are boycotting them . How do you like your dictatorship. Your one man power player? Doesn't sound very "Liberal" to me.
Remember the saying First they came for the Jews....?

toma said...

Oh yes. First they came for the insulting radio fatmouth making $40 million a year, by telling him to call anonymous college students "sluts" and "prostitutes." Next, millions of decent Americans were insulted, causing advertisers to run away from Rush lest the companies tank their profitability. Then the radio fatmouth continued to go on his merry way, making $40 million a year. Oh yes, this is absolutely Nazi Germany, where there are occasionally mild consequences for your shitty behavior.

Sarge said...

Thanks for that link to Americablog
with the entire list of those still advertising on the Rush Limbaugh Show and those that have
dumped his fat obnoxious ass. I was pleased to see that AOL finally said sayonara..

Good post.


Sarge said...

Allstate and State Farm both will fuck you - I am with Farmers and love it: car and apartment and soon scooter...


Grung_e_Gene said...

Whenever a oppressive right-winger posts, 'I thought Liberalism was supposed to be tolerant chuckle chuckle' or something equivalent the Phantom of Karl Popper appears on my blog with a hammer and states "In the name of Tolerance I do not tolerate your intolerance" and beats said right-winger about the head...

President Obama is already one of the Best Presidents in American History after his re-election in 2012 he'll be regarded as Top 4 or 5 behind Lincoln, FDR, Washington...

And toma is absolutely correct, a grassroots boycott to Flush Rush is the Free Market in action, Old Limpballs is such a welfare queen he can't hack it in the open market without having the Pblic airwaves and Government funded AFN carrying his huge fat ass.

Anonymous said...

" President Obama is already one of the Best Presidents in American History after his re-election in 2012 he'll be regarded as Top 4 or 5 behind Lincoln, FDR, Washington..."

Of course he will be,he was before he became president. His legacy was written be liberals prior to his election.
Yeah we need him to win ,we could really use another tingly leg speech to get the economy going and deficits down.
I guess dreaming about Utopia is just as good as living it.
"Dreams of my President"


Anonymous said...

you think maybe he will get another Nobel Peace Prize for putting the drone program on steroids?
Nah I prefer that we are now able to hold American citizens indefinitely without a trial.
First Obama came for Rush.......
The feeling of domination is just so orgasmic.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The American People and Veterans want Rush Limpballs off the air.

Why oh why anonymous do you Hate the Troops and the Free Market? And why oh why do you love the terrorists?

Anonymous said...

No you have it all wrong,we always hated terrorists and loved our troops. You only loved the terrorists and hated the troops under Republican presidents.
See we didn't want Gitmo closed and you did and now you don't. Plus you don't even care that they got a brand new soccer field and special religious meals,we still don't like it.
where do you think the Code Pinkos are now? That's right they are now OWS .
Don't forget to lick your finger and hold it up to the wind.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Anonymous what you loved was the idea of "the Troops" murdering A-rabs. It gave you a vicarious thrill. Mainly because like all conservatives you're a coward who never served a day in uniform.

When Veterans got back and ended up homeless you thought the 3 yellow magnets you had plastered on your H2 was an equivalent sacrifice and those shiftless vets should get a job.

Of course, you also hate OWS because you are a slave to the 1% and think if you dutifully keep beating down the middle class the Plutocrats will reward you with an extra pat on the head.