Saturday, March 24, 2012

Corporate Slavery starts with your Facebook Password

Corporate Dominance of Americans is increasingly becoming a reality.

Republicans claim to loathe the government. The only part of the Government Republicans hate are those laws and governmental bodies which help the poor, protect the weak and empower the 99% against the Plutocracy. Anything which serves to aid or protect individuals is hateful to Right-Wingers. But, what Republicans do love is unbridled Corporate Hegemony and Corporations unrestrained by anything which hampers their acquisition of Power and Money.

Thus, while we have protections from the Government, Americans increasingly have no protections from the oppression by Corpoate Neo-Feudalism and their servile Republican lapdogs across the Nation.

There is no point discussing this with some Right-Wingers who have so swallowed the lies of the Republican Party as to not see the chains of Wage Slavery and Corporate Bondage fastened around their necks.
Employers asking for your Facebook password as a pre-requisite for employment?

Employers asking women for what possible reason they want birth control pills?

Churches or Business owners being able to deny you health care because they have a moral objection to how you use it?
Think about this. You, as an American, could tell any individual, police officer, or right-wing bureaucrat to go Transvaginal Ultrasound themselves if they asked this information of you. Yet, Republicans and Right-Wing crypto-fascists are not only happy to let Corporations violate your basic rights but are actively passing laws to empower Corporate Behemoths to oppress and control you. Republicans in Arizona have already made it legal for an employer to ask women about their sex lives and to deny them access to birth control.

When Rand Paul or Ron Paul state they wouldn't have voted for the Civil Rights Act or dance around it's repeal, it is because of the constraints it puts upon businesses. A private business can discriminate, can violate your rights and can have total control over you because it's not government.

When Newt Gingrich or Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah say child labor laws are unconstitutional it's because they feel that Coprorations should have No Restraints put upon their Ravenous predation of the American people including your children.

When the Republican-led House, bolstered by vast number of Democrats, votes to pass a Orwellian-named "Jobs Act", which would further eliminate safeguards, roll back transparency and deregulate the gambling Wall Street interests who crashed the economy a mere 5 years ago they feel no compunction, let alone guilt at their actions, because Corporate/Banking/Wall Street power has so throughly corrupted the US Government all ill-gotten profits are privatized while all losses are subsidized.

Already Corporations pay less in taxes than the average middle class American. Already Corporations, like Boeing, steal Hundreds of Millions of dollars but get away with it under the euphemism of fraud. Already Corporations, like BP, routinely violate pollution standards by willful malfesance or gross negligence. Already Corporations, like Massey Energy, kill their workers by knowingly placing them in unsafe conditions but get away with fines instead of jail time.

What this amounts to is Unequal Protection. The whole Lard Ass Republican Party and most members of the Democratic Party are greasing the slippery slope of Corporate Neo-Feudalist Wage Slavery.


Jerry Critter said...

Republicans, corporations, and an increasing number of Democrats believe that employees are an expense to be minimized and eliminated, if possible, in the name of maximizing profits.

Patricia said...

So true Grunge! I hope they don't pass that bill on Tuesday, but they probably will. I can't imagine having to talk to my boss about birth control and since he cut my hours, I have no health insurance at all. And that's going to be another huge deal with the ACA going to the Supreme Court and all the money swirling around those "justices" (Oh the irony) It's going to be a crazy week in DC but when isn't it?