Saturday, November 5, 2011

Boeing the Biggest Thief in the United States

"Ignore him. He's a common thief."
"Ha! As common as they come! But, I ain't nothing compared to you gentlemen. You steal peoples lives..." ~ from The Mask of Zorro
Chicago based Boeing has paid over $644 Million Dollars to the Pentagon and the Government Accountability Office to settle fraud complaints, since 2000. Yet, Boeing is still be awarded enormous Welfare Handouts errr, DoD contracts. It's difficult to get an exact total but I've seen credible figures that show Boeing, alone, has been awarded over $90 Billion in DoD contracts since 2006.

Yet, the Chicago Tribune has spent a better part of this year highlighting individual cases of pension fraud. Because theft is wrong and Unionized pension theft is really wrong since it's stealing tax payer money, just like Boeing but on such microscopic scale in comparison. However, the last article on Boeing from the Chicago Tribune is from October 26 and it highlights the $17.7 Billion in revenue and $1.1 Billion in profits boeing made in the 3rd Quarter of 2011.

It would be easy for any company to post Quarterly profits in the Billions when they are committing case after case and Hundreds of Millions in fraud (a nice white collar word for Theft). So, why is it when a Corporation like Boeing commits theft on a massive and Nation ruining scale, the presses are silent?

When a Corporate Criminal Enterprise known as Boeing attempts to bust their Union;
Boeing officials said in a video-taped press statement that, "the overriding factor (in transferring the line) was not the business climate. And it was not the wages we’re paying today. It was that we cannot afford to have a work stoppage, you know, every three years."
why is the press not running a news story everyday as with the individual cases of thousands of dollars in pension theft?

Why when Boeing attempts to harm American workers and turns to the Republican Party for aid in eliminating workers jobs and slashing workers rights is there so little coverage by the major newspaper in the city, in which, that company is Headquartered?

Why does the Tribune not ask Republican Congressman Darrel Issa, the richest member of Congress, to recuse himself from the Boeing and National Labor Relations Board case? Why?

Because, when Workers get all uppity and shit it's time to bring in the Republican One Percenters like Darrel Issa to aid a Criminal Corporate Enterprises in undercutting government regulations and workers rights, safety and... Jobs. The role of the Republican Party is to keep the 99% down.


Patricia said...

It's never enough and all those republican hacks want an upgrade. They don't want anyone to have a pension. It's work until you drop. Why not bring back the poor house? They won't be satisfied until they take social security away. Boeing is going to look like chump change compared to the coming austerity. The media doesn't care. It's just one big electronic hallucination. Thanks for bringing this up, I had no idea. Like your blog there's elegance in your minimalism.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Yes, if Republicans are able to pull off stealing enough elections in 2012, the Wisconsin and Ohio union busting will look tame. The Ryan Death Care Plan will reduce medical care to those with the cash in hand and the Austerity packages passed by Boehner will reduce us to serfs.

The "Austerity" will be so bad, you'll have 25% systemic unemployment, no jobs other than washing the limos of the rich, once your working youth is used up conservatives will put you down, and People will long for the good old days of the Robber Barons.