Sunday, November 20, 2011

"My Job is to Protect and Serve Real People, Not 'Romney' People."

The Images of Police Brutality, including the wantonly sadistic spraying of the seated protesters at UC Davis, the pepper spraying of an 84 year old woman at #OccupySeattle and the open mouthed close ranged shot at the N17 OWS have galvanized the Occupiers and delighted the sick, twisted and deranged conservatives.

But, it's a sideshow.

The 1% are ecstatic OWS and #Occupy are being side-tracked into civil rights complaints against individual officers or even whole Police Departments, because it takes the spotlight off of them. The 1% always want the focus off themselves, it keeps allowing them to get away with Plunder.

Now, from the images I think the Officers committed crimes. But, everyone should realize the Officers in question are going to parse their reports with just the right verbiage, i.e. 'a volatile situation, fear for my and my fellow officers safety, the body language of the protesters indicated willful disobedience to my lawful instructions, proper use of force, etc', that they probably will escape criminal punishment and at most will receive administrative discipline from their Departments.

But, remember the Officers are the Tools of the Oppressors. These conflicts with Police have been what the 1% have been dreaming about and hoping for since OWS began on September 17th. Do not let them succeed in dividing the 99%.

These officers and their actions must be condemned (and punished) but the focus must always be turned back to the 1%, the Oppressors. The Goal must be to Destroy the Plutocracy and return the American Dream to the 99%


Truth 101 said...

These jokers belong in jail for battery Gene.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Yes, they probably do, although it's bizarre to see rightwing sites put up an absolute defense of these tactics, until you realize, like I did years ago, Conservatives applaud state-sponsored violence directed against their political opponents.

But, TRUTH never forget the Criminal Corporations and the 1% get away with crimes far worse and the best we can hope is they pay a fine.

ran said...

With crime among the 1% obviously rapidly declining, it appears these law enforcement agencies are just trying to find some busy work to do.

Grung_e_Gene said...

ran, from an earlier post wherein the Tea Party Nation resolved they were on strike, copied verbatium

The EPA needs to be closed. Think of the money that the government would save if it was closed. Think of the money that businesses would save if it were closed and their regulations were rolled back only those needed to keep our enviorment clean. You add closing the department of education and let the states educate their chrildren, close the department of energy that is not needed because the free markets. - Wayne Thomas Inman

Because the free markets shall be my mantra!

[shake, shake, shake]

Pssssssssst! Waaaaaugggh!