Monday, November 28, 2011

#Occupy Protest in a Box

I'm the Dog who gets beat Man in the Box, Alice in Chains
As OWS and the #Occupy Movement continues and struggles to make it through the winter, several factors are going to determine if the energy of the Movement is blunted, re-directed or dissipated.

Currently, the reaction to the Police Brutality is at the forefront of many commentators. The influential feminist Naomi Wolf caused quite a stir with her article on the #Occupy crackdowns over at the Guardian. The article caused big traffic, but while to many it smelled false and smacked of hyperbole it's in line with much of Wolf's thought and dovetails succinctly with her 2004 book, The End of America: Letters of Warning to a Young Patriot. (As an update, it seems the reporter, Rick Ellis, who first mentioned the DHS Conspiracy is full of bullshit.)

Right-wingers continue their mission to destroy the #Occupy Movement. One of their major complaints is OWS and the #Occupy Movement should be working within the confines of the law. Now, of course, this is a disingenuous argument on multiple levels.

First, it's a logical fallacy which the Tea Party should specifically disagree with, since the genesis of their name comes from one of the most celebrated "illegal acts" in US History.

However, it also underscores the pure hypocritical phoniness of the ideological underpinnings of Modern Conservative Thought. Since, the election of Barack Obama a large strain of rightwing commentary has focused on "Natural Law" and the moral rightness of disobeying unjust or immoral laws. But, the Right is two-faced when it comes to such arguments for they apply them only when it suits their purposes, which usually is to undercut and delegitimize the elections of Democrats. But, also in service to the Plutocracy's goals of deregulation and privatization. Therefore, when a protest or movement is outside their keen or control the Right always reverts to calls for Authoritarian Tyranny and the destruction of those movements.

This is why the Tea Party faced no concentrated Police and Govenmental Oppression, the Tea Party always was a Top-Down false-front organization quickly subsumed by the 1% to advance the causes of the Rich. Any energy the movement had outside Plutocratic interests was redirected by Rightwing propaganda and limited to arguing over non-issues which would have no impact on the Establishment.

But, the Tea Party has already gone the way of their ideological forefathers, the Know-Nothings. OWS and the #Occupy Movement do not suffer from the TP defects because OWS is grassroots and made up of working and middle class people who are pointing out the underlying problems caused by the control the Richest 1% have on the Government and Society.

And by going outside the guidelines the Establishment has erected regarding political debate (i.e. issues which won't change the fundamentally unfair and corrupted system) they are facing a concerted rightwing media, lobbyist and law enforcement effort to shut them down.

So, making positive connections with the 99% is going to be paramount to keeping OWS vital and vibrant. Unfortunately, regular bloggers are being irked by some of the #OccupyMovements actions.

In a post from Feminisnt, she vents anger at an #OccupySeattle march which hampered her movements in town. Feminisnt points out the March hampered not only her movements but average everyday poor and working class people whom the 99% Movement is supposed to comprise. She also doubts any of the 1% were affected by the Seattle protest march.

I'm not posting this to pick on her, or issue the divisive You are with Us or Against Us, but merely to highlight the disconnect which the 1% have sewn amongst us to keep the 99% divided.

Libertas and Lattes has a bit more vitriol in his post about #Occupy telling the blog-o-sphere if,
"Any of these pale, rat bearded hygiene-free, Che shirt wearing knuckleheads keep me from getting to my place of employment, of home from said fist might accidentally occupy the same space as their face."
I don't highlight these two bloggers, who I've read before to throw rhetorical jabs at them. But, merely to point out a few problems.

The #OccupyMovement is facing the problems all Movements do, after the initial glow has worn off how do you connect with people and weld them to your side? Protest Marches are good for reminding people your Movement is still around but as we all saw during the run-up to the Iraq War, they don't mean anything once the Powers That Be (PTB) have decided on a course of action.

#Occupy needs to bring more people over, and it's not going to be through media coverage but from positive interactions with everyday people as they make them aware of what the true causes for the Republican Recession, Rightwing generated Income Inequality and the stagnation and dissolution of the Middle Class.

Thus while the Controllers of the Tea Party played pin the blame on the Black Guy it didn't succeed in convincing any Americans, other than those who were already convinced that President Obama is a secret love child of Malcolm X and Karl Marx born in Kenya. While the 2010 elections went the way of the Republicans, Americans quickly learned zero help was forth coming to them.
"Don't blame Wall Street, don't blame the big banks," declared Herman Cain. "If you don't have a job and you are not rich, blame yourself!"
But the decades long propaganda effort by FreedomWorks, the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Fund, the Carlyle Group, Faux News has succeeded in creating a sizeable amount of useful idiots who blame Teachers, Unions, the "Welfare Queens" and the unemployed and ignore incidents such as when Former AIG CEO Maurice Greenberg sued the Federal Government for $25 Billion USC. Or that 0.1% - the richest one-thousandth - of American population reap over 50% of the income made on Capital Gains and the executive pay for CEOs has risen to more than 343 times that of the average worker at the company.

Because despite the scoffing at the 99% slogan from rightwingers, who were pre-programed to hate OWS, what they and the 99% need to know is:
1) There is a Club and 2) You are not in it.
Because the average amount the Richest 1% will save from the Bush/Obama Tax cuts ($66,384 USC) is greater than the average salary of the 99% ($58,506 USC).


Brett Cottrell said...

Feed my eyes, but can you sew them shut if you're going to use pepper spray?

Truth 101 said...

I've hit on this but nobody seems to either care or they just think I'm full of shit.

Occupy Wall Street has been infiltrated. Union picket lines get infiltrated. The right has no conscience. There are no boundaries for them. Any shithead can find a tshirt with OWS on it and stir up shit.

Grung_e_Gene said...

@Brett - that's one of the effects of OC, it causes a near-involuntary closing of the eyes.

@Truth 101 - Back in early October Patrick Howley of The American Spectator led the charge on the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. In his original piece he admitted he was the only one to bullrush the guards and burst into the Musuem.

He later changed his account when he realized or was told that it did not make OWS look bad, just conservative agent provocateurs like himself.