Tuesday, November 22, 2011

No Joe Walsh, it is you who is a pampered clueless Anti-American

No, Joe Walsh.

No, Joe, you do not get to play the I'm the better American than you Game. No, Joe, you do not get to call the Occupiers "spoiled, pampered, unfocused, clueless young people". Not you Joe. Not an unfocused man, like you who hides from his responsibilities as a father. Not you Joe, a spoiled Congressman who has proposed nothing to help your constituents. No, Joe, not you.

We Veterans ARE the 99%. A pampered Representative like you Joe can not call Veterans who are protesting crimes you refuse to acknowledge "Anti-American".

Joe Walsh why don't you swallow my thrice awarded sea service deployment ribbon, you gutless, never-served-day-in-uniform, cowardly, square-headed, loudmouth buffoon. As a sitting Republican Congressman you really highlight your Party's false claim to Support the Troops.

I know you're "tired of hearing that crap" about how the Banking and Wall Street Criminals aided by Republicans in the Congress and White House brought the economy into a Recession but, for you who's done nothing for the people in your district to slam the Veterans of the #OccupyMovement is an act of unmitigated gall.

But, it's just more evidence of the truth Veterans realize that Republicans don't give a shit about them and only use the military and service members as props for their political gain.

This current attack on #Occupy doesn't beat Walsh's previous low point, the aforementioned "tired of hearing that crap" when Walsh screamed at and berated a USPS worker and declared he didn't care if Veterans working for the Post Office lost their jobs.

Well, Joe's part of the Republican Party, a fetid putrid stinking bog of thieves, hypocrites, criminals, bigots, brutes, charlatans, frauds and elitists. Because to the Republicans the Rightwing push to privatize the Post Office trumps all associated concerns. For Republicans it is always Party over Country and Politics over People.

So, Joe Walsh next time you want to run your suck about spoiled and pampered you tell it to the Marines.

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