Sunday, November 6, 2011

'I'll be whomever you want me to be,' Republican Joe Walsh

Anyway You Want It
That's the Way You Need It
Anyway You Want It
~ Journey
Scion of Family Values and Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh was awarded True Blue pro-family status by Tony Perkins' Family Research Council. Walsh proclaimed,
"I am proud and honored to be recognized by the Family Research Council as the only member from Illinois with a 100 percent pro-family voting record."
Okay. What a joke!

Before, getting to the details do you know what the best thing about this story is? OWS and the 99 have made Joe Walsh irrelevant! Joe Walsh had dreams of becoming the next Newt Gingrich or at least Michele Bachmann. But, Joe isn't going to win re-election, and in one years time he'll be reduced to hawking his wares to whatever lobbyist firm or off-hour Rightwing news station will have him.

Joe Walsh is a beloved Tea Party Freshman, that is he is loved by people outside his district. In his district Walsh is basically playing out the string. Walsh has no ideas, Walsh has advanced no issues, and Walsh has done nothing to help his constituents. But, Tea Party racists love him because Walsh made youtube videos and MSNBC appearances this year screaming Obama is Black! and "American Jews aren't Pro-Israel enough."

Now, an amusing thing about Joe Walsh is his record. If the Tea Party knew about his previous political record and the long list of personal and financial disasters, disregard for the law and political positions they would... Well, they would probably not care because IOKIYAR!

What Joe Walsh did in 2010 was cash in on a particular, and now defunct, moment in American politics. Joe Walsh will pretend to be whatever you want as evidenced by the last 3 decades of his career.

During the 1980's Walsh tried to be an actor. And while he was apparently unsuccessful he never stopped acting and this set him up for the future.

In the 1990s when Clinton-ian 'Fiscal Conservative/Social Liberal' catch-phrase was popular, Walsh in one of his runs for office identified himself as such. Walsh even went so far as to use President Clinton's phraseology on abortion, declaring he wanted it safe, rare and legal. I'm sure the Teabaggers would love to know that Joe Walsh and Bill Clinton hold the same ideals.

In the early 2000s, Joe Walsh has had his Illinois Driver's License Suspended, left his wife, stopped caring for his kids and jetted off to Mexico with his mistress.

So, the supreme irony, the absolute inconvertible evidence of Rightwing Hypocrisy, the fact that exposes the lie of so-called Conservative Personal Responsibility is Joe Walsh owes $117,000 dollars in back child support.

When the story broke, Walsh went on the offensive declaring the story was a hit-job on him because he was fighting the good fight in Washington D.C. But, as more evidence grew Walsh tried to throw up some bullshit. First, in a fit of puerile impotence sued his ex-wife for asking for the $117,000 in back child support he hasn't paid. Next, Walsh declared in their October Court appearance that he had a "verbal agreement" with his wife not to pay child support.

As a police officer, having dealt with hundreds of Domestic Dispute calls this "verbal agreement" Walsh cites most likely, went like this,
'Laura? It's Joe. Yeah, F**K You B*tch I ain't paying you any more. Yeah, take it to court! You think a Judge is going to rule against me? I'm a man. Suck it baby.'
Please note that my paraphrased Walsh comments are very probably quite accurate as I've listened to Joe Walsh in person and on television often.

After the Court ruled against him, “I don’t know why my ex-wife filed this complaint last December, three weeks after I was elected a U.S. congressman.” Walsh provided $35,000 dollars to fund his 2010 campaign. His ex-wife Laura has been fighting Walsh for 9 years trying to get him to pay money to raise his children. So, yeah Joe tell it to the Judge...


Bustednuckles said...

That guy gives dicks everywhere a bad name.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Hell, I haven't even had a chance to post on this squared headed buffoon's scream-a-thon. Yelling and pointing your finger at people is the way to win arguments!!!