Sunday, May 29, 2011

This is what Republicans believe: They Represent Israel

"There are no eternal allies only eternal interests." - Lord Palmerstone
To listen to Republicans lately you would think they are Representatives of Israel and not of the American People. But, this shouldn't surprise anyone because Republicans long ago gave up representing the American People in favor of Oppressing them.

Here's Republican Joe Walsh of Illinois,
"The short answer is that most American Jews are liberal, and most American liberals side with the Palestinians and vague notions of “peace” instead of with Israel’s well being and security. Like the president, the U.N., and most of Europe, too many American Jews aren’t as pro-Israel as they should be."
Hey Joe, instead of worrying that "American Jews aren't as pro-Israel as they should be", why don't you concern yourself with the consistently failing Home Values of your constituents? But, Joe Walsh is a Teahadist Republican whose job is to throw verbal fire-bombs about President Obama and vote to give tax payer money to obscenely Rich Multi-National Oil Companies while at the same time cutting funding for reduced school lunches for the poor and destitute Americans in his District. Joe Walsh doesn't care about the people in his District.

Daniel Webster, Republican of Florida, went on a Good Life 45, a fundie televangelist program and declared,
"I love giving money to Israel. And so there’s a picture there that people realize that, we stop helping Israel, we lose God’s hand and we’re in big time trouble."
And then there is Michele Bachmann, verbal terrorist, the less quittier version of Sarah Palin, whom the Republicans love when she attacks President Obama or Liberals but fear because of her propensity to say out-right lies and make crazy unsubstantiated claims. In March 2010, Bachmann said,
"I am honored to be in a position where I can help Israel. I have a tremendous love for Israel, and great admiration for the Israeli people. I am a Christian, but I consider my heritage Jewish, because it is the foundation, the roots of my faith as a Christian."
After President Obama outlined his Israel/Palestine policy, centering on the 1967 borders, Bachmann couldn't wait to side with a foreign power over her own Government. She released an official statement, in which she stated I disagree with President Obama and I stand with our friend Israel 100 percent and produced 150,000 robocalls in Iowa and South Carolina. Bachmann's district is in Minnesota but you couldn't know it by her obsequious defense of Israel and the time she spends in other states.

Republicans are more than willing to throw the American worker into the mix against third world slave factories to fight for wage slave rates but the deference to Israel is mind boggling. Do these Republican Congresspersons care about the tough economic times facing their constituents? Why are they spending so much time fighting for Israel? Why is Billions in foreign aid to Israel supported en masse by these same Republicans who have voted to eliminate Medicaid and Medicare for Americans?

Sadly, some of the GOP really believe in christian end times prophecies centering around Israel. As such, they want Israel to exist in the Middle East just long enough to spark a conflagration which will not only consume the Israelis and Arab peoples but every American as well.
"The point of departure for permanent status negotiations to realize this vision seems clear: There should be an end to the occupation that began in 1967. The agreement must establish Palestine as a homeland for the Palestinian people, just as Israel is a homeland for the Jewish people. These negotiations must ensure that Israel has secure, recognized, and defensible borders. And they must ensure that the state of Palestine is viable, contiguous, sovereign, and independent." - George W. Bush, Jan 12, 2008


Professor Chaos said...

Sadly, it's not just the Republicans, although they are the worst offenders by far, blind support for Israel has become the sine qua non of American foreign policy. And no one ever asks "what has Israel ever done for us?" It's just somehow taken for granted that Israel is our valuable ally in the middle east and we need to defend them no matter what they do. Because otherwise, Jesus can't come back or something?

Green Eagle said...

The sick delusions of these people, who really don't give a damn about Israel, are in no way indicative of the feelings of real Israelis. Having lived in Israel, I can assure you of this.

Doubt me? Try reading Israel's largest newspaper, Haaretz, for a few days. You might want to start with the following article from Haaretz:

I think most Americans would be very surprised to discover the degree to which Israelis are ready to reach a real, fair settlement of their problems, rather than continue with decades more of belligerent posturing.

BB-Idaho said...

The GOP-ers bluster on and on about their support for Israel...yet US Jews vote
overwhemingly liberal.
Perhaps their biblical sense of social justice
trumps the interpetations
of the evangelicals?