Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Boeing turns to the Republicans to bust their Union

While I've pointed out the Republicans elected in 2010 have no interest in jobs and are focused on implementing their bigoted social agenda, it turns out I was incorrect. The Republican Party's prime goal is to eliminate Union jobs and replace them with at whim employees whom their Moneyed Masters can work as Wage Slaves.

Chicago based Boeing, in retaliation against their Union Workers, has decided to move a 787 plant to South Carolina, a so-called Right-to-Work State. This is because South Carolina outlaws Unions. Can't have workers gettin' all Uppity and shit!

S. Carolina also has Nikki Haley, a Teabagging Governor. Haley had this to say, when the National Labor Relations Board took up the Union complaint to stop this move, "If this is checks and balances, God help our country."

Well, just to show the anti-Big Government Teabag checks-and-balances loving Nikki Haley is up to typical Republican malfeasance, she has nominated 59 people for State Government positions 26 of whom gave at least $74,703 in campaign contributions to her Sarah Palin styled election effort. Nepotism IOKIYAR.

Senator Jim DeBigot had this to say, "The administration is acting like a bunch of thugs." So typically the Republicans in the Senate rush to service their Corporate Masters.
Thirty-four Republican senators introduced legislation Thursday to protect states' "right-to-work" status and to ban the chief federal labor agency from determining where companies can do business.
Boeing should be able to do as it pleases and move it's manufacturing plant where ever it wishes. That seems reasonable right? A company has the "right" to set up a factory where it deems, right?

Well, the short answer is no. Fuck no when that company is primarily funded by tax payer dollars. Boeing like all Corporations receives Billions from the US Government. These Military-Industrial-Complex jobs are the ugly unspoken secret about the hollowness of the whole job debate. Boeing could not compete on the Open Market and only succeeds by Government Welfare, like this recent $35 Billion dollar US Air Force deal, euphemistically called Defense Contracts.

If a company is taking tax dollars We the People get to decide how you treat those workers. You have to pay them decent wages, provide them with healthcare and other benefits. But, that's not what Boeing wants, it's not enough that Boeing is funded almost completely by US, they also want to cut expenses (i.e. overtime pay, vacation time, sick leave, disability) to nothing and work Americans to death to increase their bottom line.

And that's the secret of the Republicans. They take Taxpayer money and funnel it to Mega-Corporate Monsters who then turn that into campaign contributions so evil assholes like Jim DeMint and Nikki Haley can turn their deluded supporters into cogs in the machinery of Boeing's Corporate Welfare.


Anonymous said...

While I'd like it to be so, you are wrong.

There is no legal reason for the NLRB to pursue a complaint against Boeing because it receives a mountain of taxpayer dollars.

There is a perfectly seen legal reason for the NLRB complaint against Boeing for violating the law that is over 70 years old.

The basis of the NLRB complaint is that Boeing made threats and then followed up on those threats.

This is an important story and it would best help the cause you and I believe in if we stuck to the facts of the NLRB complaint.

germain said...

The citizens and taxpayers do not manage recipients of corporate welfare, an a good thing, too. Look who we put into Congress and the Whitehouse over the years.

Boeing doesn't have labor problems, it has greed problems. Those greed problems have combined with the outrageous hubris that comes with decades of no-bid-no-oversight-cost-plus gov't contracts is giving them legal troubles.

We need to focus on the fact that company reprisals against workers are illegal, and have been illegal since 1938.

We need to focus on the fact this this is nothing new, not original to the Obama administration or to democrats, but a crime perpetrated against working people.

Anonymous said...

While I agree that the attacks on unions are despicable, I'm a bit puzzled at the timing. Boeing has been setting up the plant in North Charleston for over a year now. While the whole NCH acquisition/transition move may have been started in response to the big Boeing workers strike in the fall of 2008, it well predates the rise of republicans to majority and the rush of union-busting legislation.

So I guess my question is not whether this is right or wrong, but is it news?

NapalmGod said...

Boeing brought it on themselves. If they'd said "We moved the plant there because a VP has a mistress that lives there", it would have been perfectly legal.

Instead, they said "We moved the plant to dodge unionization", which is illegal.

No different if they'd said "We moved the plant to avoid the Blacks"..