Monday, October 10, 2011

Conservative Agent Provocateurs at work to destroy OccupyAmerica

Lying in the defense of Power is always acceptable. Being an Agent Provocateur is a ticket into the lower circles of wealth and privilege, just ask convicted criminal and serial video fabricator James O'Keefe.

In just a few short weeks smearing the OccupyAmericaRevolution has become cause célèbre of the ass-kissing Rich Sycophantic conservatives.

Patrick Howley of The American Spectator was leading the charge to attack the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Read the whole piece with photographic evidence over at Firedoglake. Howley wrote up the encounter himself over at the American Spectator site, but even though Howley changed the story from what he first wrote, what he left up is still incredibly damning:
But as as anyone knew I was part of this cause — a cause that I had infiltrated the day before in order to mock and undermine in the pages of The American Spectator — and I wasn’t giving up before I had my story. Under a cloud of pepper spray I forced myself into the doors.

I forced myself into the doors and sprinted blindly across the floor of the Air and Space Museum, drawing the attention of hundreds of stunned khaki-clad tourists (some of whom began snapping off disposable-camera portraits of me).
Yep, when the evidence doesn't fit the narrative, just make it up or create it for yourself! A hallmark of the Rightwing Servants and Guardians of the Rich... And of course, the poster child of conservative Lies, Lies and Videotape James O'Keefe took at stroll through the Occupy Wall Street protest hoping to get beat up or something?

These despicable actions are with one goal in mind, to undermine the Revolution and continue the ghastly Neo-Feudalist March towards Wage Slavery the Rich are imposing on America. Remember what American Spectator Bill Zeiser said himself "I guess I am the enemy after all."

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