Sunday, October 16, 2011

How do you stop OccupyChi? Free Speech Zones and Arrests.

When the people peacefully assemble and question the entrenched power structure you will find there are hundreds of ordinances and rules in place to ensure you can be removed for the sight and sound of The Demos is an affront to the 1%

OccupyChi is just the latest protest to be taken out via a local ordinance when 175 peaceful American citizens where denied their Constitutional Rights because they conflicted with the Rights of the 1% to enrich themselves on the blood and bodies of the 99%. The Chicago Police justified the arrests because,
“They were in park property after hours,” said CPD Officer Robert Perez. “There is a municipal ordinance that nobody is allowed in the park after 11 pm.”
Rania Khalek has a breakdown of the anti-1st Amendment "laws" used to crackdown on the 99%.

Perhaps the Republicans in Congress who dramatically staged a reading of the expedited conservative constitution on the house floor can address the nation with their grave concerns the Rights of the People to Free Assembly are being trampled upon?

No? Well, why not? Why oh why would the Republicans be against the OWS and OccupyTogether protests? Why would the Republicans call We, the People a "mob" and proclaim we are "against freedom". Quite simply because the 1% controls every single Republican in office.

Where are the Tea Party "Patriots" on all this? Where are the anti-government Militias? Where are the so-called Oathkeepers? Where are the Libertarians? Where are the Objectivists with their hatred of Government and their absolutist position against the Intiation of Force? Is ANYONE surprised the Protests against Rampant and Institutionalized Greed and Theft are being supressed? Is ANYONE surprised the RightWing fascists and conservatives stand with the Thieves and Swindlers and against the 99%?

Every single group I mentioned are full off liars, dupes and charlatans. They gladly mouth words of Freedom and Rights and their Love of the Constitution, but are nothing more than hollow organizations devoted to the suppression of the People and the defense or enrichment of the 1%.


jadedj said...

This old socialist is not a goddamn bit surprised.

Grung_e_Gene said...

OccupyChi is not giving in that easily, they've marched back to Grant Park, we'll see if it becomes SOP for the CPD to violate their rights.

But, take a chance to read through some of the ignorant comments from rightwing fascists on the link.

jadedj said...

The comments...yeah, I'm seeing far too many of those regards this event.