Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Andrew Breitbart, his Minions and Conservative Toadies slandering OWS, OccupyChi and #OccupyTogether (Updated: Of course Faux News jumps aboard)

"Shut your face hippie." ~ Clint 'Gunny Highway' Eastwood
"Hippie? Ain't been no hippies around here for centuries." ~ Mario 'Stitch Jones' Van Pebbles
For a few weeks, The #OccupyTogether Revolution had the majority of Rightwing flummoxed. Most Conservatives had no idea how to attack the movement. They did know they hated it, but they're weren't sure why or how to pigeon-hole and fix their enemy for destruction. But, now we have the Big Conservative Attack; Andrew Breitbart, Pajamasmedia, and every Major Righwing Blog are running with the OccupyRevolution are Nazis, Communists and Anti-Semites.

Here's the headline which the Rightwing Toadies to the 1% are running with;
Nazis and Communists Throw Their Support Behind Occupy Wall Street Movements
Because what better narrative to use then the Soviet Politburo and Hitler are behind holding the Wall Street Criminals to task for their crimes.

It should come as no surprise that conservatives, the kowtowing butt-kissing servants to the Rich and Powerful, would seek to minimize, degrade and attack the People. Immediately, the simple position was to rely on the Dirty Stinking Hippie mystique which the Right has been running with for almost 50 years. And of course, many simply fell back on the belief that President Kenyan Marxist Teleprompter Obama is responsible for eveyrthing wrong in the US and that the Republicans War on the Middle Class at the Behest of their Moneyed Masters has never existed.

Andrew "I'm going after education. After the Teachers and Union Organizers Next" Breitbart, the paragon of running with doctored, misleading and outright false videos, has taken on the task of slandering and smearing the OWS. His BigGovernment site has now devoted dozens of his paid minions to blog non-stop about the OccupyChi and other Occupations. His narrative is to declare the OWS in league with Anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi Groups. From Joel Pollack @ Breitbart's BigGovernment website,
Pajamas Media recorded similar, and worse, statements at Occupy LA. The main Occupy demonstration in lower Manhattan has also seen numerous, well-documented examples of explicit antisemitism. That is alarming, given the explicit anti-Jewish hatred on display at Occupy rallies across the country.
Other conservative disinformation sites, The American Spectator for example, have also taken it upon themselves to smear and slander OWS and #Occupy. It's de rigueur for the Right to throw up as many bullshit stories and as many smear jobs as possible knowing, 'All of the people will be fooled some of the time' and 'Some of the people will be fooled all of the time.'

Just as when Republicans rammed through the Iraq War and the Patriot Act, the Rightwing has fallen solidly in line declaring those who oppose the 1% are Anti-American, Anti-Semites, Communists, Socialists, Nazis, Marxists, Terrorist Appeasers, Rawr!!! Anyone who is against the systematic and rampant Wall Street crime and corruption is actually against America. It's what the Right does every time.

But, despite the worst efforts of the Breitbart and his ilk, by an overwhelming majority, the American People know that Wall Street and their wholly owned Republican Party are responsible for the economic calamity. The Top 3 causes of the Republican Depression are:
1) Investment Firms and Banks making Risky Loans and Investments,
2) American Companies not investing in creating jobs in America,
3) The Economic Policies under former President Bush, including tax cuts for the wealthiest families.
So, while we know the attacks by the Rightwing Smear Merchants shall never cease, their hatred for the Working Classes shall never be abated and their defense of their Plutocratic Lords shall never wane... We the 99% will march on.

Faux News is now solidly behind #Occupy and OWS = Nazis and Anti-Smeites.

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ran said...

Yeah, the Breitbart zombies look like fools by continually posting their crap on the #occupychicago twitter feed.