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Thralls to the Rich continue smear campaign of the Occupy Revolution

"I was in the Blue Bottle Saloon in Wichita on the night that English Bob killed Corky Corcoran, and I didn't see you there, nor no woman. No two-gun shooters. None of this." ~ Gene Hackman, Unforgiven
Any push against the Plutocracy was certain to engender a massive push back. At first, the 1% was content to allow their Guards to engage in old tactics of mass arrests and brutality, but these tactics do not win the hearts and minds of the average American anymore and one brutual incident can be broadcast worldwide for all to see.

But, now the real effort to delegitimize the Occupy America Movement is underway. By the other old, time-honored Rightwing tactic, the propaganda smear campaign. The Plutocracy rallied their guardians and man-servants in the Elite Media to begin publishing sneering and snotty articles about the uncouthness and general offensive nature of the dress and mannerisms of plebeians.

Here's the by-line from Bill Zeiser (a conservative media "consultant" whose offerings get picked up by pajamasmedia and The American Spectator):
One clean-cut journalist goes undercover with the protesters.
Zeiser is a rabid defender of the 1%. His whole article is riddled with hatred towards the oppressed. What brought me out into the streets with the rabble? His sensibilities were offended at the requests to punish Wall Street for their crimes. They are no more than a discontented mob carrying a jumble of disparate, even odious messages. The few among them who call for specific policy changes lack the good sense not to lie with socialist dogs. At least Zeiser ends his hit piece honestly: But ultimately, I found no common ground with them as I walked the downtown streets of Manhattan. I guess I am the enemy after all. Bill Zeiser gives it away when he describes his fashion sense and illustrates those who idolize and defend the Rich continue to absorb the lessons of history, that if you dress like the Rich perhaps you can pretend to be one of them.

Here are the views of other Elite Guards of the Rich:
"Get your shoes off, get a bongo drum, forget where to go to the bathroom and it's yours." - P.J. O'Rourke

“They’re openly embracing their demonic aspect.” - Ann Coulter
3 Weeks ago Glenn Beck was chuckling, about what he described as Wall Street protest FAIL:
"The attempt by radical leftists, communists, socialists, anarchists and more to occupy Wall Street didn’t go as well as they hoped it would. A little short on the protesters and a little short on the ‘occupation’ part of the promised action to camp out and occupy Wall Street. NYPD basically shut that option down before they got there..."
Now, the Multi-Millionaire Beck is worried,
"Capitalists, if you think that you can play footsie with these people, you are wrong. They will come for you and drag you into the streets and kill you. They will do it. They’re not messing around. Those in the media – and I am included in this – they will drag us out into the streets and kill us. If you’re wealthy, they will kill you for what you have. You cannot tolerate this kind of stuff. You certainly do not encourage it.”
I've attended the OccupyChi Revolution at LaSalle and Jackson several times now. I'm not a member nor do I claim to speak for the movement. But, I have directly spoken with several members, their legal counsel and observed their street meetings. The group has twice daily official meetings along with impromptu ones in which ideas are tabled and voted upon. One of the things always discussed in the meetings is the agreement amongst all they will accomplish their goals by non-violent means. It's an exercise in Direct Democracy, something the Political Talking Class is not very fond of and the 1% abhor.

I spent all day downtown with the OccupyChi protest and the October 8 Anti-War Rally. About 1500-2000 attended the Anti-War March and many marched over to LaSalle and Jackson and recounted their stories of financial ruin at the hands of the Banksters. While we there almost every single person on top of the double-decker tour buses cheered on OccupyChi.

Well, with any large and sustained movement incidents are going to happen. On October 8th I march with the Chicago Mass Action anti-war rally which showed solidarity with OccupyChi. I only saw one confrontation during the march of roughly 2000, in which two Bike borne young CPD members got into a profanity contest with two old ladies carrying an anti-war banner (which demanded the arrest of all war criminals and mug-like shots of Bush & Obama), but it never went further than recriminations and the two officers biked away.

I did hear from a Progressive Radio Journalist from Wisconsin that their were arrests made for Battery to a Peace Officer when some protestors flicked cigarette butts at them. That is a crime cut and dried. I don't forgive behavior like that nor should anyone.

But, here's where it gets interesting. Does anyone doubt that the minds of most conservative has already been made up? Or that they will be searching for any evidence that confirms their preconceived notions (h/t: Bill Zeiser) while ignoring everything which might contradict it?

Thus, enter the Rightwing Blogosphere. Jim Hoft, of The Gateway Pundit, is one of the most dishonest rightwing conservative blogs on the internet. Hoft's posts have been routinuely debunked and discredited by Media Matters for America and Sadly, No, now has over a dozen posts from various cities attacking the Occupy America Revolution.

Well, now to get the on-the-ground assessment from several cities at the same time is quite an amazing bit of fieldwork! Is Hoft the primary source? No. Is Hoft the secondary source? No. Hoft puts up photos and videos from unidentified sources of unidentified persons and labels himself a journalist. The reason many Americans think journalism is dying in America is preceisely because for years the Rightwing has countered traditonal walk the pavement firsthand Journalism with Radio Commentators who never leave the comfort of their studio, conservative bloggers who cross-reference the same post in incestous amplification, which for the most part are propaganda hit pieces the bloggers receive from conservative "think tanks" and the rise of Faux News which offers up the most toxic reactionary opinion pieces as hard news.

Over at the corporately funded, Ed Morrisey seems to think a photo of people laying out sleeping bags and drying clothes in the sun indicates the OWS crowd are dirty anti-enviornmental hypocrites or something.
"Lest one think that this is an outlier, the Daily Mail has a few other pictures of the prodigious amount of waste piling up at the occupation."
Looking at the photo I'm quite impressed with the orderliness of the OWS bario. But, you see the Tea Party Patriots never left a mess at their single day long events and a protest into its' 3rd week should have no sign of human occupation and normally there is no trash to be found in New York City.

What I've seen first hand at the OccupyChi site are young men and women policing up the area they are occupying sweeping up trash, picking up cigarette butts and keeping the sidewalks free of debris.

The Temple of Mut: Shrine to Capitalism concludes his dire round-up post with: About that 99%. Be careful of those who claim to speak for you.* It's laughable that he would be so obtuse! That's the point of the Occupy Revolution. The elected politicians do not represent the 99%. The entire Republican party is owned by Corporate Behemoths, Special Interests and the Lobbyist Class and a vast number of Democrats are as well. They purport to speak for Us and spend all their time conducting the business of the 1%.

We are the 99%. We don't speak for the 99%, We are them and so are you... But, there are those who will support the enslavers and work to keep down those who would question and stand up to the Wall Street Criminals.

Meanwhile, whilst the conservative blogosphere gins up hysteria amongst it's flag-waving Hank Williams Jr fans, the Koch Brothers keep getting Richer by making illegal unethical deals with Iran, Nigeria and having Erick Erickson defend them via: "Koch Industries did not directly do business in Iran. A subsidiary did business in Iran**" technicality. So they didn't violate the law because the law was lax and what you expect business to regulate themselves?

"Get out of the sidewalks and into the streets"
*- Seems the author changed his post about the 99% to the following: I am not rich, not a member of some vast corporation, and don’t have political connections. But, this group does NOT represent me Of course, not their are many members of the 99% who choose to fight for their Oppressors and against the Oppressed.

**- Erickson has removed the line I quoted, obviously because it confirmed his status as an idiot.

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