Sunday, March 11, 2012

The South Side Irish Parade Returns to Beverly (#OccupySouthSideParade)

CBS Chicago reports:
Thousands of people have gathered to watch floats, marching bands and dancers in Chicago’s South Side Irish Parade. The parade is back after a two-year hiatus that was forced by drunken brawls at the 2009 march. Parade organizers say they’ve beefed up security in an effort to create what they’re calling a family-friendly parade.
The Parade began in 1979 but increasingly it was nothing more than an excuse for young assholes to show up, get drunk and fight.

“I want the South Side Irish Parade that I grew up with back. I don’t want what we’ve had the last few years,” 19th Ward Chicago Alderman Matt O’Shea, who voted to kill the parade in 2009 said last month when faced with Chicago City Hall's decision to grant a permit to hold the Parade.

Laura Bisiules, a bartender at nearby Wrongs Tap (10014 S. Western Ave.) stated one the problems plaguing the Parade in recent years,"I think the underage drinking was what was really getting out of hand." The 2009 South Side Irish Parade led to 54 arrests.

Now let's get to it. Does anyone recall right-wing bloggers gnashing their teeth over the despicable behavior of the Parade goers? Anyone remember Andrew Breitbart showing up to scream at the Parade? Does anyone remember Conservative think tanks sending in agent provocateurs to agitate and write stories about the goings on?

Of course not. And here's the reason. No minorities present, no focus on the real causes of the recession and deficit, no #Occupiers, no 99% present complaining about the exceedingly unfair distribution of Wealth in this Nation. And why? Because the Republican Party is wholly owned by the 1% and their Right-Wing attack dogs will do whatever is in their power to undercut, divide, and keep We, the People fractured in service to their Plutocratic Masters.


Sarge said...

Republicans are trying to stop a Irish parade? I cannot believe that. The 500 week here in INDY brings on massive boozing and a lot of arrests for public intoxication - mostly by Speedway City cops who are keen to see the city collect a portion of the fine.
If you can have a St Patricks Day parade in New York City - why not


Grung_e_Gene said...

No, Sarge, perhaps my post was unclear. Lots of crimes happened at the South Side Irish Parades over the last decade. The 2009 one was particularly infamous for the number of drunken brawls (multi-person fights) and other incidents (thefts etc) which lead to multiple arrests.

But, it never got coverage because it doesn't fight the BS narrative Right-Wingers are pushing onto duped conservatives about Rick Santorum's "blahhh-ck people" or the Occupiers.

Anonymous said...

maybe had they camped out illegally for weeks on end blocking people from entering local businesses then it would be news worthy or perhaps when the SEIU descended on a Bank execs home in CT and illegally trespassing his property and scared the 15 year old son who was home alone,then it is news worthy,especially when the central planning comes for the White House as does OWS.
You know all the stories the left wing media ignores.

The Tea Party never got media coverage either until they decided to make up stuff and come up with a game plan about them and portray them as racists.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Anonymous, maybe you don't know what you're talking about.

OWS was a true grassroots movement by the people for the people the Tea Party was a Top-Down funded and run organization for the 1% to get conservative dupes to campaign for lowering Rich people's taxes. Then it started attracting the other conservative voter the Racist Bigot class.

And a True Totalitarian like yourself loves to rename the exercise of Peaceable Assembly to "camping" so the Police can be used to keep the poor in check.

BTW, prove SEIU, "illegally trespassing and scared the 15 year old son who was home alone". Prove that statement. Provide the arrest reports and not a hot air link to the claims of Nina Easton. But, you can't because there never were any charges...

But, I'm interested how a 2010 incident correlates to you're hatred of OWS. Or is it you just hate Working and Middle Class people in your quest to grovel ever deeper to your Plutocratic Masters?

Anonymous said...

the problem with them is they should have been protesting at DC like the Tea Party did. You know the ones who were against the bailouts and government overreach.
The ones the media duped as racists and rich old white people.
Sometimes the left is their own worst enemy. Had they been fair then maybe the OWS may have been seen in a different light although it's hard to reason with a bunch of screaming hippies carrying Communist Party signs.
See how it works?

Anonymous said...

This is your top down "focused and spontaneous movement"


Grung_e_Gene said...


I once saw an Alien Autopsy on Faux as well.

As for OWS, I can see why you don't like them. They're educating people about the true causes of the Recession, Wall Street and Deregulation and not poor people buying houses.

So even though private sector loans were responsible,
During those same explosive three years [2004-2006], private investment banks — not Fannie and Freddie — dominated the mortgage loans that were packaged and sold into the secondary mortgage market. In 2005 and 2006, the private sector securitized almost two thirds of all U.S. mortgages, supplanting Fannie and Freddie, according to a number of specialty publications that track this data.

Anonymous, Please note that during 2004-2006 the Republicans controlled the House, Senate and White House and SCOTUS.

Bloomberg's Awful Comment; What can we say for certain regarding the GSEs?
My sense is that these are people who can’t accept that some markets, especially financial ones, are disasters when completely unregulated – and thus find any far-fetched excuse to blame the government.

Sadly, you as a conservative clearly hate education.

Anonymous said...

I'll use Obama's excuse. Bush inherited the mess

Grung_e_Gene said...

Anonymous are Sean Hannity? Bush inherited 9/11!

Hah aha hahahahahahahhaha!

George W(orst President in Hisotry) Bush!


Ever wonder why ZERO Republicans bring up Bush nowadays?

Anonymous said...
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Grung_e_Gene said...

Anonymous I deleted your previous comment due to it's sheer buffoonery. I will keep it's sentiment:

George Bush is great slobber slobber slobber

Also, please have the courtesy to read my links as I read yours...