Sunday, February 26, 2012

Joe Walsh thinks Mitt Romney pays too much in Taxes

Remember how Mitt Romney was loathe to let the plebeians have a look at his sacred tax returns? Because first it showed how little in taxes Mitt actually paid compared to the struggling miidle class and the poor and even his sanitized 2010 year returns which Romney thought were a safe bet showed Mitt the Vulture had hidden millions in off-shore bank accounts.

But, it turns out the paltry 13.9% tax rate Romney paid was far, far too much for Congressman Joe Walsh.

Much like Newtradamus and Sick Rantorum, Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh is proposing a tax plan so evil and so reactionary that the 1% which already owns over 40% of the Nation would skyrocket to total control.

Following Joe Walsh's proposal Mitt the Vulture Romney would pay a tax rate of 0.65%, Two-Thirds of 1%. And what would Joe Walsh do for the working class Americans in his congressional district, like Melissa Rakestraw, struggling under the Republican Recession?

Walsh says he doesn't care if Veterans at the Post Office lose their jobs as long as the Republicon plan to destroy the USPS is accomplished. Pink Slips for the Poor and Tax Cuts for the Rich, the Republican Plan.

Congressman Joe Walsh is a disgusting, uncouth, lout. Walsh is another chicken hawk cowardly Tea Party idiot serving in Congress, but not for much longer and Walsh knows it. I think he's is hoping by flashing show leg and hawking his wares up and down the streets of DC some fancy Billionaire will notice and will throw him a few million for his campaign.

13.9 Mitt Romney's tax rate is also the Percentage of votes he'll receive in 2012 [Disaffected and It Feels So Good]
Joe Walsh is a Screaming Ignorant Despicable Uncouth Scumbag (Updated) [Disaffected and It Feels So Good]


the yellow fringe said...

Top rate under Eisenhower was 91%. Why, we had a war to pay for. Sha-zam, it got paid for. The rate went to the 50's% during Nixon. And the nation paid for what it bought more often than not with tax money from those who could afford it and the nation grew.

Grung_e_Gene said...

I Like Ike!

My friend Ran wants the US to re-adopt his tax code, reinstitute the Securities and Exchange Tax (0.25% on each share traded) and BAM deficit solved.

For some reason the 1% hates this plan. Probably because they have enough conservative dupes and rubes fighting to lower taxes on the Plutocracy because one day mister working class may be a millionaire and he doesn't want to pay those onerous taxes in his fantasy-land future!

Sarge said...

Greedy One Percent

Get your asses out and vote...


Patricia said...

If he gets 13.9% of the vote that's way too many votes. But here's the weird thing, a friend of mine thought Mitt too liberal.