Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Not about Extremely Pro-Women conservatives!

Bush Signs the Right-Wing Patriarchy Knows Best Abortion Ban.
Hmmmm... How many women present?
So having sensed their policy of Shut up Women! Men are talking about Birth Control! and stung by marching up a panel of old repressed male virgins to rend their breasts about women having sex, the Right-Wing Patriarchs decided to send out Michele Bachmann to conduct damage control by declaring the Republican Party is "Extremely Pro-Woman".

Anytime, anyone declares themselves something, say "Fair & Balanced", it's almost a metaphysical certainty the person is entirely the opposite of their statement. It's like when a Republican He-Man, say Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu, declares himself 100% Heterosexual you just know that Rent-Boy receipt is about to be posted on the Internet.

Michele Bachmann is an ardent supporter of the Right-Wing Patriarchy because it has rewarded her with her position. Bachmann isn't the only women employed by the Patriarchy. Andrea Tantaros went on Faux News to tell all other women She and by extension They are "Not upset about this."

But, Bachmann's role, right now, is to be the first woman of the Right, she inherited the mantle after Palin's flameout. Bachmann as first woman is given extreme position and powers but over a very narrow field and in return she is expected to ensure that 150 million other American women do not rise above their position as second-class citizens. The Patriarchy has always employed a small sliver of women to help them maintain control and power.

But, when it comes to deingrating and keeping women subservient Teahaddist Republican Joe Walsh couldn't just sit on the sidelines. "It's not about women," He-Man Joe Walsh succiently summed up.

Joe Walsh can't help himself because his own personal history shows, like all Republicans, he hates Women. Walsh still owes his ex-wife $117,000 in back child support for their 3 children. Walsh also owes the people of his district his prompt resignation over Dereliction of Duty because he's not done anything for the struggling people of his district.

This isn't going away anytime soon. Because Republicans are running away from the Economy faster than they run away from Military Service.

Racist Limbaugh summed it up recently when he dedicated his President's Day show to declaring Republicans win when they run on Social Issues. So get used to misogynistic Rick Santorum and Right-Wing Propaganda machine to ramp up religion and control of women.


Sarge said...

Santorum can make all of the ultra-Socially conservative statements he wants and he is accomplishing two things: driving the independents and the moderates away from him and scaring the living shit out of the mainstream GOP.
Wait until he gets the nomination and then see the Democratic attack ads - they will paint him as some
fire and brimestone breathing holy roller who hates women, gays, and non-catholics.


squatlo said...

I read an article today that called a Santorum nomination "The Suicide of the Republican Party"... sounds 'bout right!

Grung_e_Gene said...

It's fabulous! The Republican Party is about to make itself a regional mini-party akin to the Constitutional Party.

But, it's going to be a violent death, they're going to try and take out as many liberals as they can. Not just "at the ballot box before we have to resort to the bullet box. That's the beauty of our Second Amendment rights..." Catherine Crabill Republican Terrorist.