Friday, February 17, 2012

The Self-Condtioning of the Conservative Brain

"If you're Poor, Blame Yourself!" - Herman Cain
The Doors of Perception can be fouled easier than cleansed...

Conservatives are a difficult bunch to understand. States which routinely vote for Republicans receive more in Federal tax monies than they pay in Federal Income Tax. Yet, conservatives are vehement in their demand to make severe and deep cuts into the social safety net.

I'm tempted to demand all those who vote Republcians take their shirts off so we can see The Puppetmasters clinging to their backsides.

A New York Times article highlights that amongst the sinking middle class and the very poor there are those who rely heavily upon Government assistance but believe the programs should be eliminated and vote for candidates who propose the biggest cuts in Governmental Aid.

There are many possible reasons for this very odd behavior. But, I believe the three strongest factors are: the Republican Party and the 1% effort to make successful government programs seem as though they aren't actually government programs. First turn the benefit invisible and then eliminate it.

Next, there is the non-stop constant refrain of blaming poor people for their situation. If you aren't wildly successful in America it's due to some inherent flaw or fault in yourself. The despicable Herman Cain epitomized this belief shared by the Right-Wing Elites during those ghastly Republican Debates.

Lastly, this is a case of having been duped and lied to for so long it's easier to believe you weren't actually deceived for decades and are actually holding correct beliefs. Once a conservative no longer needs the propagandist to tell them lies and they lie to themselves they are lost to the Alternate Conservative Reality.

By turning wildly popular and successful government programs invisible, making people internalize guilt, blame and shame about being poor and then force-feeding Right-Wing lies and propaganda until the person doesn't know anything else, the Modern Conservative Movement has enough Americans believing if only the Nation was more conservative and more tilted to the 1% things would be better.

Thus while Piss Down Your Back Reaganomics and the Bush Tax cuts continue to Transfer Wealth to the 1% the conservative has entered a trance like state where they utter right-wing catch phrases as though they are mantras.

Lower Taxes... Lower Taxes... Job Creators... Job Creators... Government Hands Off My Medicare... Ohm...

Repeat the Right-Wing Mantras:Reach Economic Nirvana!

It's clear that for 20-25% of the American people no amount of facts, figures, evidence will ever change their minds. Because their brains are to warped, to damaged by to much Faux News, to many Heritgage Foundation Reports and to much hate.

But, it's the 1% and their Reactionary Mind, which is truly frightening. The True Horror of which has become apparent to millions of Americans.


the yellow fringe said...

The best thing is keep them talking about contraceptives, sex crimes and perversion within the religious right, the rich paying a proportional share of the nations expenses, the constant war mentality of the right, an end to corporate driven/owned government.

Grung_e_Gene said...

I did forget to add the powerful mechanism of Division which the Right constantly employs. Race, religion, individualism, healthcare, sex, anything one can think of becomes a wedge issue for conservatives.

Even when #Occupy points out the evil 1% controlling the Republicans and conservatives, despicable Right-Wing sycophants use it as an opportunity to further delude and chain their duped and conned followers.

Sarge said...

It is time for Sarge to start beating his big bass drum - and screaming, "Vote! Vote! Vote!".
I know people who refuse to even register to vote for fear of getting called for jury duty. Come on! Jury duty isn't a big deal - We aquitted the guy on the trial I was on. You get paid, fed, and meet some really interesting people.
Nothing is more important to our very democracy than that simple act of driving over to the school,
apartment office, church, or where ever your polling place is and getting it done.

And, this blog is not nearly enought! Look at how many people are reading what you write? Get your ass out there and speak up!
Find the Democrats in the county and state and get active.

And, above all get your ass into that voting booth November 6th.


Silverfiddle said...

States which routinely vote for Republicans receive more in Federal tax monies than they pay in Federal Income Tax.

While that makes a cool sound bite, even the man who did the study can't explain it, and he admits there is no discernible causation.

National parks, government property and programs in the state, a higher than average percentage of social security recipients could all explain it, but those are just theories because no one can explain it.

These flaming social issues are fanned by leftists. Collectivize our rights and out money and it all becomes debatable, turn up the heat and you get people made and divided and ripe for political manipulation.

Respect peoples' personal and property rights and allow them to order their own affairs with their own money as they see fit, and these raging social arguments largely disappear.

I don't care what you do with your own money, but I do care what you do with mine.

Personal liberty, personal responsibility.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Oh no! Does not conform to Alternate Conservative Reality! Does not compute! Does not compute!

Sure, it does, Silverfiddle. Conservatives benefit from the welfare state more so than Liberals but, because they don't view Medicare, Social Security, and the National Parks as "Government" they delude themselves into thinking they aren't actually on the dole.

Personally, I'm glad the Ronald Reagan dream of putting old people out to die wasn't successful and old people (conservatives included) get foodstamps and prerscription medicines.

Lisa Golden said...

This is a great post. I'm applauding you from here.

I live in a blood red state. During the Bush years, it was common to see absolute beaters, held together with duct tape and imagination with Bush/Cheney bumper stickers. Now, I understand that one shouldn't judge a person by their vehicle (you should see MY car, the horror of duct tape lives!), but it brought home the notion that people really can be convinced to vote against their best interests if you repeat certain things that pander to their fears long enough.