Sunday, October 3, 2010

James O'Keefe and Jason Mattera Conservative Birds of a Feather

And those birds happen to be Racist Chicken Hawks.

Jason Mattera is one of the most cowardly humans to have ever taken a breath. Here is an exchange between Mattera and Chris Matthews:
Chris Matthews: "Would you like to enlist in this war [Iraq]?"
Jason Mattera: "No."
Fucking Disgraceful. Conservatives are Fucking Cowards. And further:
Matthews: "What kind of people should fight in this war, if not you?"
Mattera: "Those who want to."
Mattera goes on to state, He's Fighting the Battle for Ideas. And one of those ideas is to write a book blaming all the problems cowardly conservatives have caused on Liberals.

Once years ago I told friends that a quick way to make money was to write a book and call it Liberalism is a Genetic Disorder and it's very bad for America blah blah blah. Because, Rupert Murdoch or the Koch Brothers will immediatley buy a million and a half copies and include it as a free gift to duped and ignorant conservatives who sign up for the R. Limbaugh newsletter or Human Events webzine. Well, Jason Mattera, while spending many years not in the military, has now come upon or been told the same idea! He's got a book out called Will Smith Zombies or Obama Zombies because as he said in this video he's got a tough time telling them apart.

You see Mattera is fighting on the Home Front where all conservatives muster. Mattera is among the Next Generation of Young Conservative, Generation Chicken Hawk, as captured by Max Blumenthal. The Young Conservatives of today are following in the steps of R. Limbaugh, Dick Armey, John Ashcroft (6 Vietnam Deferments, that even surpasses Dick Cheney), John Bolton, Tucker Carlson, Jim DeMint, Tom DeLay, Mitt Romney, and on and on and on. Just go down any list of Fox Supported Politicians and Commentators. None of them ever served. None of them have a clue about War. The 2010 CPAC Speakers list was a who's who of Bigoted Conservative Warmongering Chicken Hawks.

Conservatives are Fucking Disgraceful. But, conservatives have no sense of shame, no sense of honor, no compunctions about being cowardly pig fucking assholes. But, Mattera was more than content to Support the President during war, when the President is a white republican. Now that a Black man has that mantle it's a different story. And that's where the other modern young conservative step in.

James O'Keefe, Convicted Criminal, is a darling to conservatives because he targets minorities. O'Keefe is, of course, a Chicken Hawk having graduated from Rutgers in 2006 and steadfastly refusing to enlist even though Republicans at that time were rallying behind Bush and Cheney for a ratcheting up of the War in Iraq. But, O'Keefe and his Handler Andrew Breitbart had other people to attack; Minorities.

James O'Keefe was granted lifetime Hero Status and a Conservative Medal of Honor amongst the Right because through COMPLETELY FABRICATED and HIGHLY EDITED video with the help of Fox News he got the organization ACORN defunded. And when any organization which aids oppressed minorities and poor people is minimalized or marginalized, Republicans cheer because it brings them another step closer to reinstalling Slavery, which is the goal of the Republican Party's Moneyed Masters.

However, after the ACORN victory O'Keefe has landed in trouble twice. Once for a crime, which he was convicted, during the Watergate Jr wiretapping attempt at Senator Mary Landrieu's office. And now recently for attempting to seduce or drug a female CNN reporter and videotape her naked or in compromising positions.

But, these incidents don't matter to Conservatives. Mattera's nationally televised cowardice and O'Keefe's committed crimes and attempted sex crimes DO NOT MATTER to conservatives. Conservatives are cowardly hypocrites who will never disown anyone who helps advance the Conservative Values of Oppression, Theft and Murder.

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Find me that link talking of OKeefe drugging the CNN lady Gene. I have a Breitbart lovin web news site in Quincy that needs to be exposed for the propaganda site it is.

Liberality said...

Well I'm not surprised that O'Keefe is a chick-hawk fucktard nor am I surprised that he is beloved on Fox news. It's true the republican's goal is economic slavery of the masses. If third world people can be treated like shit, why not us too?

Green Eagle said...

"Republicans cheer because it brings them another step closer to reinstalling Slavery, which is the goal of the Republican Party's Moneyed Masters."

Actually, that is slightly unfair. Republicans' masters only want to reinstall slave-level wages. They don't want slavery itself- they wouldn't want to be responsible for feeding all of those workers.