Monday, October 11, 2010

Republicans want You Poor and Enslaved

The Republican Party has a simple goal for America. Destroy Thought, Science and Freedom and Enslave the American People.

The Republican Party's Operatives, their elected officials and their Billionaire Supporters are fighting a war to reduce the vast majority of the American Populace to Wage Slaves, content with the scraps of life provided by Corporate Moneyed Masters. They blame you the worker for the Recession caused by Republican politicians, wars and economic policies. (Your Fat Paycheck Keeps Your Neighbor Unemployed by Kevin Hassert)

They've succeeded in so thoroughly compromising the Republican Party that mentally unstable persons with learning disabilities dominate Republican primaries, and it's not just 1 or 2 extremists who might slip through but the majority of candidates. Listen to what the Republican candidates scream, "I am not a witch", "Second Amendment Remedies", "I'm a scientist and a very good one",

Read and Watch these Republicans Candidates:
Art Robinson
Christine O'Donnell
Pat Toomey
Sharron Angle
Rand Paul
Jan Brewer
Carl Pallandino
Ken Buck
Joe Miller
Linda McMahon
Cary Fiorina
Rich Iott
They act like Waffen SS Nazis, steal campaign funds, call for violence and murder of Liberals and Democrats, outsource American jobs, threaten or run from reporters, fire police officers who investigate their political benefactors, want to repeal Civil Rights, abortion, eliminate Social Security, Medicare, Minimum Wages and change US History and deny American students access to Scientific Facts about Evolution.

And these are just the major candidates, the Republican Party is littered throughout with Bigots, like Dean Grose, and Terrorists, like Catherine Crabill, calling for Armed Insurrection against the lawfully elected President and Government.

And Don Blakenship and the Koch Brothers can insure these handpicked morons are given nearly a 50% chance of being elected by inundating all forms of media, thanks to the Citizens United Supreme Court Decision with millions of dollars and racist, bigoted fear mongering screeds which scare their handpicked demographic the entitled white heteronormative christian fascist who wants his country back. and if that doesn't work then Conservatives parade one of their bevy of "attractive" women, Sarah Palin, Andrea Tantaros, S.E. Cupp, festooned with em-smartening glasses to give these mouth breathing bigots an erection and eliminate the last remaining independent thought.

And the Tea Party is not a spontaneous uprising or some new phenomenon but merely the more vocal Rove/Armey Testicle gurgling Bigots who voted Palin/McCain whom we all got to know during the Election:

Zero to Zero point One Percent of Teabaggers voted for Obama so it's not surprising they would hate him now. The Teabaggers shouted Terrorist, Muslim and Commie Faggot then and Racists and Bigots don't change their hatreds over night.

And once the Republicans gain power they'll force you to work more years for less money, while they steal your Social Security and watch you die after eliminating your Medical Coverage. It's all to elevate a mass of Republicans who can be trusted to enact their Plutocratic Dictators Policies of Enslavement and vote whichever way The Koch Brothers decree.

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