Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Teabaggers Money to Be Had!

This is how the Conservative Movement propagates their crap.

Having written that Barack Obama is ruled by the african muslim ghost of his dead father to overthrow and kill whitey, Dinesh D'Souza is now making the rounds on Toxic Right Wing Radio to pimp his hoo hoo hoo chuckle chuckle hilariously titled "Roots" book. Glenn Beck had him on and somberly observed D'Souza's pulled straight from his ass article isn't "theory", "it's fact, just fact".

And this is of great appeal to the Teabaggers who have conditioned themselves to believe anything about Obama. They've had years of Barack Obama the terrorist pal, the kenyan born, the madrassa trained, the marxist bred, the liberation theology muslim pounded into them over and over again by the Bilge spewing Toxic talkers. And the Teabaggers money and votes are of great interest to Beck and D'Souza.

But, Glenn Beck, and the rest of the Conservative scum are receiving their orders from the Wealthy who want Republicans back into power so they can continue their unprecedented theft of Trillions from America. It's not a coincidence D'Souza's article appears in Forbes magazine.

Of course, I find it hilarious that the two Right Wing Champions of Barack Obama isn't American are Soviet Born and Raised Orly Taitz and a gentleman named Dinseh D'Souza. But, really this latest incident in the Right Wing Extremist Smear Obama Campaign says a lot about Dinesh. Ironically, Dinesh is a fervent christian dominionist so his entire worldview is dominated by the ghost of a jewish zombie and he embraces a pro-colonial forcing of christianity onto everyone.

Dinesh and Newtie Tickle the Lizard Brain [Hullabaloo]
D'Souza and Gingrich have put a psuedo-intellectual spin on this by calling it Obama's "Afro-Centric anti-colonialism" But it all adds up to the same thing: the angry black man is rising up and coming after good god-fearing white people.

But I don't think the tea partiers care what National Review thinks. They care what Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh thinks. (I have my suspicions that they will validate this premise without a second thought, but we'll have to wait and see what they say.) If they validate it, then nothing Byron York or David Frum or any of the standard conservative movement elites say will make a difference. The Tea Party is operating outside that framework now, and although they crave a certain kind of intellectual elite validation, they have created their own: they call Glenn Beck "the professor." And he was one of the first to posit publicly that Obama hates white people.
Post Racial America [Disaffected and It Feels So Good]


Liberality said...

That they don't care what anyone thinks is obvious. How can you argue with someone who doesn't care?

Grung_e_Gene said...

There is no argument. They have no position only the rabid attack agenda designed to so numb and batter the American electoral in the hopes the voters will want to stop it by voting Republican.

Liberality said...

And I must say I like your graphic and might steal it for a post soon.

Jolly Roger said...

Newt is a long-known adherent of anal-centric anti-intelligentism.

w-dervish said...

D'Souza's crackpot theories regarding President Obama are in line with another work of fiction he wrote, "The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and It's Responsibility for 9/11".

The Tea Party will embrace anyone who says Obama is bad, regardless of how ridiculous what they have to say is. I recently posted a commentary about that on my blog titled, "Tea Party Hearts Breitbart Lies".

I added a link on my blog to your excellent post. Have to agree with that cartoon as well.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Thanks for the link and compliment w-dervish.

Unfortunately, I think the Tea Party joke will continue for ever as they will be seamlessly absorbed into the GOP and lauded as quickening them.