Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beauty and Popularity

Being Attractive Is The Most Important Thing There Is
If You Wanna Catch The Biggest Fish In Your Pond
~ Nada Surf, Popular
Most standards of beauty are wholly subjective and culturally based. There are some which are based on reproductive fitness are an evolutionary byproduct and cross cultures. And other features which excite or are deemed attractive are determined by individual tastes.

With Fox leading the way, the Right has debased itself (shockingly) by sending out women, usually deemed attractive by American standards. These women, Andrea Tantaros, SE Cupp, Sarah Palin, Megyn Kelly and several others who shall not be named then peddle the vile despicable anti-human Republican Party Line of Enslavement, Oppression and Death to the Poor. That Republicans would use women to push their Slavery Agenda onto America is bad but what is so depressing about Conservatives is their violent stupidity. Instead of questioning this tactic conservatives are so actively ignorant that they reference the looks of Sarah Palin and the others as evidence of their rightness of their political positions.

Conservative woman are hotter YEAH! Whoooo! Ergo Good Looking equals Good Arguments. If a pretty girl is saying it, it must be the correct position! It's a demonstration of puerile adolescent hormones.

This is a strong current amongst conservatives, just like Racism, and it rears it's head every now and then.

Another odd fixation for conservatives is this idea that large numbers also equals correctness. If everyone believes something, then it must be true. This is why conservatives and Republicans always must exaggerate the size of their rallies.

Michele Bachmann recently claimed an unnamed hush-hush DC official told her 1.6 million people attended Beck's Rally. Or more than 5 times the amount allowed on the permit and yet there were no problems. Perhaps god sent down loaves and fishes for Beck's congregation as well as biblical port a potties?

But these wild assertions that millions of Americans are on our side is not a new phenonemon. It is vitally important to conservatives who equate large numbers with truth. Pretty women, millions of Americans and God are with Us who could be against Us?

Conservative logic.

Silverfiddle who has dropped by my blog many a time left this comment over at Hello..... Mr. President, are you Listening?
OK. I just went and googled O'Donnel and I get it...

The left has a real problem with good looking conservative women...
Conservatives bash once-respected professor for low-balling Beck crowd (Raw Story)
Ironically, one of the analysts who provided the CBS figure (87,000)-- crowd estimate expert Stephen Doig of Arizona State University -- was hailed by conservative bloggers in January 2009, when he came up with a size for the crowd at the Obama inauguration that was half of what most media sources were suggesting.


Jolly Roger said...

Klanservative women are "hot?" Have you had a good look at "Dr." Laura? Pam "100 Proof" Geller? Ann C__tler?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Oh I agree.

While some features of attractiveness are subjective some of the women propped up as 'hot' have physically deformities and cultivate their mental deficiencies.

But, that's point the conservatives are so illogical they cultivate a "strain" of thought which belies the evidence in front of their eyes.


C'mon Jolly Roger. I was able to find common ground with noted right wing neocon kook blogger Donald Douglas that we'd both boink Pam Gellar.

There's nothing wrong with just pressing the mute button and waiting for one of the propagandist hotties to uncross her legs.

Bustednuckles said...

I wouldn't stick my dick in three quarters of what they try to project as "hot" wingers.

A couple of them I might grudge fuck but then it would be slam bam, thank ya maam.
The minute they opened their mouth and my dick wasn't in it, I'd be outta there.
Then again, I am a dyed in the wool left wing radical with a bad attitude.
Most of 'em I would run over in a cross walk.

Bustednuckles said...

BTW, I do have a hottie Consevative Right Winger Girl friend right now and just so ya know, we go at it like rabid minks. I ain't afeared.
The political sparring is something to behold, usually followed by a serious bout of heated passion.
I know, TMI. tough, you brought it up.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Ok Bustednuckles I have to ask... Do you Tea Bag her?

Bustednuckles said...

Of Course I do!