Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Least Effective Police Force Ever

are the Liberal Thought Police.

Besides failing to capture well known master criminals like the baby murdering terrorists Dick Cheney and George Bush or even lesser criminals like the drug abusing R. Limbaugh, they can't arrest anybody!

They've failed to bring down Charles Koch and David Koch or Paul Singer or Black Water Capo Erik Prince even though these modern day potentates are well known in Washington DC for funneling millions of dollars to the Republican Party!

The Liberal Thought Police couldn't silence incessant abusers Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Jonah Goldberg and Glenn Reynolds who used hours upon hours of Verbal abuse to bully America into multiple generations long wars or the brutish David Addington and Alberto Gonzales when they assaulted the American people and brow beat them into Iraq and approved the use of Torture.

It can't seem to quell the insurrectionist Republicans and Tea Baggers calling for secession, or "second amendment remedies" or who yell "You Lie!" even though their names and identities are well known.

It couldn't capture Don Blankenship after he knowingly murdered Miners because he's a Republican who worships money and hate Unions.

It can't catch any of the thieves who used Iraq to steal Billions that is literally missing or was used to construct useless or unusable buildings.

There are hundreds more Republican and conservative criminals whom the Liberal Thought Police can't seem to quiet.

But, the Liberal Thought Police are useful for the Conservative punk ass bitches who seek to control and enslave this nation by playing on the fear and ignorance of their duped and battered supporters.


Liberality said...

I get so upset when the right wing nutbaggers can dictate what the news will be about, can get away with crimes that a lefty would be thrown in prison for just thinking about, and in general be able to get away with murder. It's obvious whose side the media is on, and who owns the media for that matter.

Jolly Roger said...

The Rushpubliscums just loves them some talking points. I wish they had that much love for competent, honest behavior.

One Fly said...

Proud to be stupid in Amerika.

Proud to be given the opportunity to spread lies on Fox as a whore "broadcaster".

Proud to be a listener of limbo beck and all the others.

Proud to be just a simple dumb fucktard.

Just downright proud ya see there you betcha.