Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gay Marriage A Fundamentally Tyrannical Right

What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet
~ Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

What is marriage? Conservative Bigots (forgive me, a redundancy) demand that marriage be now and forever the fable of One Man + One Woman. Yet, every argument made to restrict "marriage" is disingenuous and arises from the prejudices and bigotry of Conservatives.

It's a fundamental issue which highlights the lie that conservatives care about personal freedom. Conservatives do not. Conservatives care about enforcing their stilted christian white power structure onto America and the World. And for all the fear mongering about Government overreach into personal freedom Conservatives have no problem using the coercive power of government to curtail and oppress people.

They cry, 7 Million Californians voted! The People Voted! This is judicial activism! Judicial Activism is a buzz phrase for Conservatives. It allows them to ignore the Right's abuse of Government power to oppress Americans. Basically anything which conforms to conservative bigotry and preconceived notions is good and constitutional anything which doesn't is a violation of state's rights or the fault of gay activist judges. It's what Conservatives do they are fakes, charlatans and hypocrites.

Conservatives are Scum. Besides America has never and will never have this one woman + one man = marriage fable. Many Americans engage in serial monogamy. Conservative scum buckets Newt Gingrich and R. Limbaugh, two of the biggest drug abusing, pederast assholes around, have married multiple times which would have earned them castration had they lived in Medieval Byzantium.

Now, If religious groups don't want to marry two people that's fine but religions are evil institutions who divide people and sow evil into the world.

The government's role is to protect freedoms and rights and has to recognize a couple who seek to share their lives with the all the rights and benefits accorded to a partnership. And if those partners wish to call their relationship a marriage they can.

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