Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mosque Building and Zoning

Lighthouses are more useful than Churches. ~ Benjamin Franklin, The Greatest American Founding Father

Since when is the President of the United States in charge of New York City zoning codes?

I'm against the "Ground Zero Mosque" being built in New York but I'm also against every church being built. America can only become free when every Palace to Idiocy is torn down, when every temple, shrine, church, synagogue, mosque and scientology center is destroyed and replaced with useful buildings like libraries and aquariums.

Religions are evil. They breed ignorance. They enshrine malevolence and intolerance. They preach prejudice and bigotry. There are no good Religions.

And while no religion is true, good or beneficial, islam is especially evil and pernicious as of late. And if this was Saudi Arabia I would be angry at the islamic leadership which uses their evil ideology to enslave and murder, but this is America. In America the conservatives use Christian Fascism to oppress their fellow Americans. Christian Fascism is written into several state constitutions, it's used to attack evolution and don't dream of running for president unless you have a burning cross clasped firmly in your hand.

Of course, the "Ground Zero Mosque" isn't about islams' conquest of the West, it's a rallying cry. The White Christian Fascists clearly don't accept President Obama and the mosque issue allows them to call slyly call him a you-know-what under the guise of conflating Obama's religious beliefs but the mosque issue also shows conservatives don't care about religious freedom. Conservatives are racist bigots and prejudiced fascists. Catholics and Jews are barely tolerated but if you deviate from the White Christian Fascism Power Structure you aren't American to a Conservative.

So, by all means don't build the islamic cultural center in New York but let us dismantle all the bigoted houses of christian evil and remove the tax exemption on the Christian Fascists and save Democracy before the Conservative Tearrorists launch Armageddon.

It has been fantastic to see the Right flail about exposing their inherent bigotry, religious intolerance, and christian fascism.


Liberality said...

I like the part about building more libraries rather than more churches.

Grung_e_Gene said...

I'm being (slightly) over the top in this post but, it's been 8 centuries, at least, since churches were repositories of knowledge. Now they house suppository excretions.


I agree with you - the worst thing that's ever happened to the human race is religion.

Recently watched the film, GANDHI, and you could see another example of war and conflict over religion.

I was glad to see your post - refreshing.......