Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Republicans #1 Enemy

Are the poor. More than gays, more the non-christians, even more than minorities. The Republican Party hates the working classes.

Republicans call the poor stray animals. Republicans get infuriated that the Federal Government doesn't raise taxes on the poor and keep them impoverished. And while everyday the more and more egregious instances of Republicans abject hatred of the poor are exposed the Republicans don't even care. They have so brainwashed and duped their conservative supporters by drafting them into the white christian fascist army.

Laura Schlessinger and Sarah Palin are despicable vile racists who want to 'shoot' black people but I've never heard their desire to place poor people in prison for the crime of being poor like Republican candidate for New York governor Carl Paladino. Of course, poor farmers in the South think this just fine because Racist Limbaugh assures them that blacks on welfare in New York drive Cadillacs.

Dick Armey wants old and sick poor people to die. Because most Americans didn't 'work' for years for the Federal Government like Dick did.

There is something especially perverse about professional bureaucrats who get free government health care like Dick Armey and Dick Cheney, who have never done a real days worth of work in their life, who skipped out of military service and sat on their big fat asses in DC, and then pontificate about the evils of the Federal Government. Everything single dollar Dick Armey has ever grifted has come from his government "job".

But, such nuance is lost on the conservative Tearrorists who fawn over the Armey Leader Dick and eagerly vote themselves into slavery because the President is a Muslin.

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