Friday, August 20, 2010

The President's Problem

According to Franklin Graham is that he was born.

Graham is a leading white christian fascist. As such he ascribes to biblical thinking known today as unscientific, racist, bigoted and evil. Christian Fascism and Racism are rampant in the Conservative movement. Conservatives will never consider non-whites, non-Heteronormative, non-christians as Americans.

Police hating, Uber-Chicken Hawk, Christian Fascist Erick Erickson confirms the Conservative belief that only Whites are Americans, "What Franklin Graham said is dead on."

Hence they do not accept Obama's Presidency. He's illegitimate to them. But, it's more than just simple overt hatred of the black man. Now, of course, a vast block of Republican and conservative voting power comes from the uneducated pigfucking racist klansmen who don't have to go any further than President Obama's skin color to know that he ain't their President and he ain't a Real American. But, there is a near ineffable deeper IT that is driving the Tearrorists and White Christian Fascists who comprise conservatism and caues these pasty white flabby assed chicken hawks to play dress up and bandy about terms they have no inkling of and whose definitions they've gleamed from racist puffy anti-american, cowardly, chicken hawks like Sean Hannity and R. Limbaugh.

IT runs deep into the crevices of the warped illogical conservative brain. IT is a deep seated emotional hatred that is Conservatism.

And what the last two years have done is lay bare the Evil that is Conservatism. Conservatism is Terrorism, it's unthinking aggression, it's raw hatred of anyone who deviates from White Christian Fascism.

They Want Their Country Back! Conservatives want that Power back. The power to Oppress, Enslave and Murder.

And when their childish Ids are thwarted at the polls by Democracy; Conservatives are going to lash out with more violence, with more Glenn Beck inspired Terrorism. The Right are on the cusp of engaging in all out violence and bloodshed. The Conservative Christian Fascists are on the verge of starting another Civil War.

Mark Hoback at Fried Green Al Qaeda argues Franklin Graham is telling mulsim fanatics that Obama is an Apostate and should be killed for leaving islam.

The word Assassin comes from Hassan i Sabah "The Old Man on the Mountain" who created and ran the Society of Assassins, during the Crusades. Sabah would recruit, indoctrinate, drug up and expose to all sorts of licentious pleasures young mulsim men and then send them on suicide assassin missions. Interestingly, these assassins were often recruited by the christian leaders of the Kingdoms of Outremer...


Green Eagle said...

To the point as usual. When THEY win, it's bend over and take it. When WE win, it's time to oil up the gun, trot out the hatred and start a shootin.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Green Eagle,

It's not rhetoric anymore and we'd better stop telling ourselves 'Oh it's just political maneuvering, they don't mean it.'

They do.

They've already started shooting.

Green Eagle said...

I agree. Every couple of weeks we see some new incident, and the press always has a reason to ignore it or deny that it is connected to the right. If they keep this up, eventually we will see another Oklahoma City bombing, or some sort of ludicrous wingnut militia Kamikaze attack, but somehow it will be no one's fault, and none of the people who incited it will be held responsible in any way. We are so fortunate that the vast majority of wingnuts are so stupid, ignorant and incapable of meaningful planning, or things could get really ugly.

Grung_e_Gene said...

It's a sad commentary that Glenn Beck blames Charles Darwin and Evolution (admittedly an old white christian fascist technique) for Hitler and the Holocaust while Beck's specific incitements have led to violence and attempted murders, bravely thwarted by police officers.

mark hoback said...

Hey, thanks for the ref!