Saturday, September 16, 2023

Republicans are Classless Trash and Vile Villains

So, while Nancy Mace was coquettishly declaring her intent to get to the root of Hunter Biden's ding-dong via impeaching Joe Biden, drunken trash bag Lauren Boebert was fiddling with her new man's dick while he fondled her tits in public.

Lauren Boebert and Friend
Public Masturbaters
Boebert, is a two-time elected Republican of the United States House of Representatives.  I mean Boebert's entire appeal is wearing too tight fitting clothes, while she delivers her scripted sing-song "Let's Go Brandon!" diatribes.  For Trash Can Boebert this is nothing new.  Last year in a drunken escapade, her dick-waving husband and her drunken gun totting children tore around their neighborhood breaking things, while wantonly and recklessly driving drunk brandishing firearms.  

Remember Lauren Boebert called Congresswoman Ilhan Omar a terrorist and spread the despicable Republican lie about Omar marrying her brother.  I can not imagine the ridiculous coverage if it was a member of the Squad caught in such a public display of outsized assholishness.

White women like Boebert derive their power from the Patriarchy, just as her intellectual forebearers like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Supreme Court Justice Ginni Thomas, and her current rightwing women like the aforementioned Nancy Mace or freaky adulteress South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem are allowed to be trashy scumbags and assholes as long as they deliver up legislation and executive enforcement of rightwing control of women and oppression of everyone else.  These white women exemplars are allowed a certain latitude, as always IOKIYAR.

And precisely because Boebert is a valued Republican representative Kevin McCarthy won't dare call for her removal.  Just like with Drunken Van Orden in Wisconsin, pill-pooping Ronnie Jackson in Texas, Boebert has total immunity to act like an asshole and shout "Do you know who I am?" at anyone who asks her not to spit her gross toxic vape juice in their face.

At least "George Santos" has the smarts to not ask people if they know who he is, because "George Santos" doesn't exist and the criminal who represents New York District 03, is simply voting for Republican oppression of America, while confident in re-election in 2024.

Oh yeah, that person who asked the meth-addled Lauren Boebert to stop expelling her gross vape exhalation in her face was pregnant, but Boebert is a mother and a Republican so she gets to claim the mantle of "Pro-Life", while her entire life has been one of criminality and willful disregard for the safety of others.

Hardly, any of this matters to conservatives who have been steeped in rightwing lies, Republican agitprop, and corporate media propaganda for so long they don't know what is true, don't care about reality, and yearn for the Fascist Strongman to led them back to the Glorious future.

But, lies are what rightwingers want Republicans besmirch Joe Biden and engage in the their tried and true tactics of repeating lies long enough until the public believes they are true we have the behavior of Lauren Boebert.

Republicans no longer care about rules or norms, they violate them freely with the expectation Democrats will continue to adhere to them and the Corporate Media will frame any violation by the Left as a shocking departure from American tradition whilst Republican perfidy is covered as business as usual.  These people are unreachable and unredeemable and need to be electorally crushed. 

Mitt dislikes R's in Senate
Mitt votes the same way as the R's
With elections in mind, Mitt Romney announced he'll not be running for re-election next year and released a book as the beginning of his long descent into Statesmanship.

The Corporate Media will gush and fawn over Romney as the embodiment of the True Republican Party.  As a reliable centrist and clear-headed believer in American Democracy and Values.

What they will never do is accurately report on the Republican Party, or Mitt's own history, which includes siding with the Republicans in the Senate 100% of the time.  Or that Mitt Romney gleefully rushed to a podium to use the 4 still-warm dead bodies of Americans in Benghazi in September of 2012.  Romney could barely contain his joy and thought for sure the Act of Terror in Libya would catapult him to the White House against President Obama.  As such he joyfully used their corpses.

Of course, Republicans used Benghazi over the next 4 years to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016 (and still use it today) as rhetorical cudgel against the Democratic Party.  

So, it's not surprising that the House GOP constant propaganda effort has led to the Pentagon opening an investigation into the Afghanistan Withdrawal in August 2021.  Now, the goal is simple if Republicans can declare the withdrawal an unmitigated disaster they can ignore their role in 20 years of wasted money, lives, and effort begun by Warmongering Republicans in 2001.  And thus Afghanistan will be memory-holed as another botched Biden disaster.

I'm not going to minimize the tragedy of those who died at the End of Afghanistan but, what unmitigated gall by Republicans to "Wave the Bloody Shirt" for the Kabul 13, thus ignoring and dismissing the sacrifice of all the others who served and those who died before them.  Shameless.  Vile.  Despicable.

I have little doubt the Corporate Media will help Republicans frame this as entirely President Biden's fault, after all, Dick War Boner Engle and other media figures fucking loved being in a Warzone and rankled at President Biden's bold decision to simply end this 20 year open wound. 

As with WW2, conservatives hate America and want the country Returned to Greatness when Corporations and Slave Masters ran the Nation.  The Uncomfortable but, absolute Truth is Republicans hate America and want to destroy the Nation.

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